Palestinians Are Now Able to Purchase Property in Turkey With Their Travel Documents, Reveals Antalya Homes

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Noting that they identified the obstacle for Palestinians to buy real estate and that they took an initiative to have that obstacle removed, Bayram Tekce, the Chairman of Antalya Homes, said: “We took an initiative and submitted our professional opinion to the authorities. The resulting regulation abolished the requirement for Palestinians to hold a passport, which prevented them from buying real estate property. Palestinians can now buy real estate in Turkey with their travel documents.” Reminding that foreigners who buy properties in Turkey may be eligible for a residency permit and Turkish citizenship, Tekce said: “Foreigners, who buy a real estate in Turkey with minimum value of 250,000 US Dollars, may be granted for citizenship. This opportunity triggered an 82% increase in the number of foreigners buying real estate in Turkey in January 2019 over the previous year. Our projections indicate that this increase will continue throughout the year with the new regulations being brought into effect on real estate purchases.”

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“The Turkish real estate market is an opportunity for the foreign investors.”
Underlining the advantages of buying a property in Turkey, which is in high demand by foreigners, Bayram Tekce said: “We see that real estate investments in Turkey preserve their value for many years. This is why Turkey offers foreign investors quite a lucrative opportunity.”

The Middle Eastern countries’ interest in Turkey is still going strong in 2019.
In January 2019, the number of people from the countries in the MENA Region buying real estate properties in Turkey increased by 100% to 1,857. In January 2019, the number of Iraqis buying real estate properties in Turkey increased by 122%, while the increase in the same context was 94% for Yemenis, 82% for Qataris, 79% for Jordanians, 33% for Egyptians and 20% for Kuwaitis.

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