Optimizing Competitive Intelligence Impact by Integrating Resources and Influencing Stakeholders


Pfeffer will explain how to integrate the inidual components of an intelligence function to create a strong, world-class intelligence system. Important takeaways from his keynote will include:

  • The necessary components required for new and existing intelligence functions
  • Proven ways to get the inidual pieces working together to create even more actionable and sought-after intelligence deliverables
  • Insight on new areas of growth for even a well-advanced intelligence function

In his closing keynote, Reszka will discuss why CI professionals need an influencing strategy to fully succeed and positively affect organizational decision-making. He will share the two major systems of thinking that surround decisions and examine different strategies that are tuned to create impact in each system. Key takeaways will include:

  • Characteristics and limitations of the Systems 1 and 2 thinking framework as part of the Decision Journey
  • Different communication strategies that can be leveraged to maximize impact on decisions at each stage
  • Personal success factors unrelated to intelligence that can influence System 1 thinking (about you) and increase your odds of generating influence

Spanning disciplines and industries, SCIP’s Annual Conference will offer:

  • Business case studies, tools, methodologies, and new organizational models for success
  • Five track themes: The Fundamentals, Applications of Intelligence, Tech-enabled CI, Use Cases, and The Strategic Boardroom
  • Numerous networking and learning opportunities with an international group of C-suite executives, senior managers, and analysts

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