OnlineMedEd Debuts Case X: Interactive, Video-Based Patient Scenarios that Help Med Students Prepare for Real Cases


AUSTIN, Texas, March 15, 2019 — OnlineMedEd, a digital learning platform for healthcare students and professionals, today announced the availability of Case X, a new and innovative online service that helps medical students retain and sharpen their clinical skills in a non-threatening virtual environment. Featuring immersive, interactive videos of real-life patients and supplemented with test results, images, and other case details, Case X is the most realistic way to build confidence and prepare for an upcoming internship.

“By the time Match Day passes and residencies begin, months have gone by since the typical medical student has practiced her or his clinical training. In just a couple hours a week, Case X can fill that gap,” stated Dustyn Williams MD, founder and lead educator, OnlineMedEd. “Case X provides the necessary ‘reps’ to regain and hone essential skills—so that on Day One, residents will have the momentum necessary to not only hit the ground running, but also amplify their progress and success.”

Featuring 88 different emergency room and clinic environment situations across a spectrum of medical issues, Case X patients present via pre-recorded video; scenarios include patient backgrounds and selected vitals, radiographs, ECGs, ultrasounds, and more. Students are then presented with specific questions to test if they’d make the right decisions, order the right tests or provide the correct treatments.  Patient circumstances will also change as students’ progress through the cases themselves.

Case X patient videos are provided by ReelDx, a company specializing in HIPAA-compliant medical training content. “Clinical reasoning is heavily impacted by interaction with the patient. The vignettes in OnlineMedEd’s Case X collection have been specifically selected for their ability to guide students in their residency preparation,” said Julia Alena, CEO of ReelDx. “Case X is an exceptional way to enhance clinical reasoning and smooth the transition to the real-world work environment.”

“We’re extremely excited to have ReelDx videos embedded into Case X.  It makes it feel like students are interacting with actual people – which makes it feel much more like a real-life scenario compared to a purely academic exercise,” said Dustyn.  “It also will help students retain the information because of the human association.”

Currently Case X is focused on the needs of clinical medical students; in the future, however, OnlineMedEd will scale the product to meet the needs of students at every stage and level of medical training. “Our goal at OnlineMedEd is to change modern medical education,” commented Jamie Fitch, founder and CEO, OnlineMedEd. “Smart technology now makes it possible to interact and ask questions of virtual patients, providing a new level of experiential training. As a platform for this unique approach, we anticipate Case X to become a major component of our corporate mission.”

Free for Annual Premium Subscribers

Case X is available to current OnlineMedEd annual premium subscribers at no additional cost.

For non-subscribers, Case X and Intern Bootcamp are available for a standalone lifetime subscription of $250; however, for a limited time, OnlineMedEd is offering Case X for a special launch price of only $150.

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The product is also bundled with Intern Bootcamp, the company’s online training destination for non-medical issues such as technology systems, time management skills, team interaction, and more, as a promotion for Match Day.

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