On Sir Branson’s Necker Island, WIN announces Board of Advisors and new partnerships towards Global Citizen Forum

Gathered on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, WIN’s Board of Advisors includes leaders in the technology and humanitarian space, who’re advancing human rights and advocate for a world of opportunity for all. Among them are the successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists Jack Brockway and Alexandra Chong, the technology pioneer Bill Tai, the sustainability advocate Gigi Brisson and the impact multiplier Paula Taylor. The Chair of the Board is Dr. Mariana Dahan, WIN’s founder and CEO.

WIN’s announcement of its partnership with Global Citizen Forum and ACTAI Global comes just months after launching its collaboration with the World Economic Forum towards establishing a Platform for Good Digital Identity (ID).

A proof of ID is essential to exercising even the most basic human rights. Yet, today, over 1 billion people cannot prove who they are. Without a recognized ID, basic services like healthcare, education and voting are out of reach. Among those affected are millions of refugees, migrants and forcibly displaced populations, who’re fleeing violence, conflicts, social and economic fragility.

“By 2050, it’s estimated that 10% of the world’s population will have to migrate from their place of birth. One important thing these people will have to take with them is proof of their identity. Without a proof of who they are, migrants can’t access even the most basic services and thrive in a globalized world,” said Armand Arton, Founder of Global Citizen Forum.

The strengthening coalition is coming to support WIN’s mission and partnership with several United Nations agencies, in particular UNOPS and UN-OICT, towards the implementation of pilot initiatives that will use modern technology to combat human rights abuses, such as human trafficking and modern slavery, which are underpinned by lack of a recognized proof of ID.

“It is important to continue exploring the potential of emerging technologies, such as the blockchain, and help governments around the world implement these innovative projects,” said Dr. Mariana Dahan, WIN’s founder and CEO. “It is equally important to continue advancing on the other two pillars of this initiative – global advocacy and convening – in order to step up our collective efforts and reach the goal of universal ID and Global Citizenship. We’re very proud to be partnering with Global Citizen Forum and ACTAI Global on this important endeavor.”

“We’re on a mission to empower everyone to become a Global Citizen. We’ve partnered to bring all of us closer to this vision: a vision of a world where everyone has a proof of personal identity, everyone is recognized as an equal member of the global community, everyone is a Global Citizen,” said Bill Tai, founder of ACTAI Global, on behalf of all the partners and WIN’s Board members.

About World Identity Network (WIN):
WIN is a team of global advocates, human rights activists, technologists and innovators who believe that everyone should have the ability to access proof of their personal identity: anywhere, anytime.

For more information on WIN’s new projects and how you can support the Foundation, please visit  www.win.systems

About Global Citizen Forum:
The Global Citizen Forum community is built on the belief in global citizenship and the positive power of migration.

For more information, please visit https://www.globalcitizenforum.org

About ACTAI Global:
ACTAI Global is a group of extraordinary athletes, conservationists, technologists and artists, whose collective passion brings them together to positively change the world.   

For more information, please visit:  https://actai.global/about/

Media Contact: Mariana Dahan, mdahan@win.systems

SOURCE World Identity Network (WIN)

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