Old Pal Classic Shareable Cannabis Launches In Oregon With Dispensary Partner Kaleafa On The Eaze Platform

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“If you’ve been on Eaze you’ve noticed Old Pal; they’ve been an amazing partner for us to push value across products. From our 1/8s of flower to the ready to roll product, we’ve been able to grow with Eaze in big numbers,” said Brett Fink, Old Pal’s Senior Vice President. “Moving to a new state and partnering with Kaleafa and Eaze is a no-brainer, as we pride ourselves on being a shareable brand that people vibe with. People want good value, a great bang for their buck and fast delivery. It’s a perfect marriage.”

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Old Pal launched in April of 2018 with the promise of providing classic shareable cannabis to the masses. Since then, the brand has become a household name with an inclusive identity rooted in the simple, enjoyable act of sharing a joint. The lifestyle surrounding it has grown to include some of the most talked about art, music, design and fashion events along with growing statewide recognition through billboard campaigns, advertising and marketing. Old Pal is positioning itself to be one of the first national cannabis brands with distribution in key legal states like Oregon.

Oregon is an amazing market and the first state to decriminalize cannabis! There’s a ton of amazing product there. No crazy claims, no exclusive strains, just pure sun grown cannabis to share with your friends to have a good time,” added Fink.

“We’ve partnered with Old Pal since the brand’s launch, and we’re thrilled to support their expansion into Oregon with Kaleafa,” said Owen Ruh, Eaze’s director of brand development. “The quality and consistency of Old Pal’s products has made them a staple for Eaze customers, and pairing Old Pal with Oregon’s high-quality cannabis benefits everyone.”

Old Pal is a lifestyle cannabis company focused on the value-oriented segment of the market. Through strategic partnerships within the trade, the brand has secured high quality, dependable production and distribution. With the incorporation of culture-focused design and marketing, Old Pal has defined a much-needed new space within the industry; a space curating an accessible lifestyle beyond stoner culture.

Dustin Beatty

Director of PR

Email: dustin@yahgroup.com

(714) 496-6864


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