Ocean Blue World Celebrates Women Who Move The Needle — Spotlight: Vanessa Fukunaga

Proven in the business world as a female executive on the top of her game, Fukunaga is the embodiment of a successful entrepreneur whose steadfast commitment to business, leadership, and giving back to the community has harnessed a fearless and innovative driving force behind two of the top companies in the Baja California Sur. Since taking over Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate in 2012 she has contributed to the historic establishment of the first Engel & Völkers in Mexico and directed the team in selling over a billion dollars in real estate. The following year, Fukunaga conceived Ocean Blue World, the global, luxury networking platform, which has grown into a global leader in the luxury market.

Her personal story of falling in love with Los Cabos, Mexico´s premier destination to #VacationInvestRetire, is one that echoes a message of aligning a personal passion with how that passion can serve purpose in the world of business. Having placed Los Cabos on the map for a great number of local and international investors and clients desiring the perfect setting for a luxury lifestyle, Fukunaga has truly supported the evolution of this enchanting location and does so by empowering change and leading with an unrivaled talent and vision that is proudly female.

Shaping opinion as a modern-day icon and inspiration, Fukunaga strives to motivate her team players to undertake their own voyages of success. “I feel a responsibility as a leader to not only enable my teams to know their own strengths, but also to have a voice in our organizations and to work in unity. We can do and be anything we set our minds to. There truly is no end in sight.” This champion women behind two highly successful enterprises continues to place her flag in the sand, inspiring all before her the remarkable achievements of women.


Ocean Blue World is a global, luxury networking platform where brands, partners, collaborators and discerning readers experience exclusive events and discover a world of glamour and luxury. The Options Are Endless: the magazine, events and experiences, social and digital platforms, luxury toys, sponsorship, public relations, and productions. Step into Ocean Blue World.

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