NIFSAB is Proud to Announce A New Educational & Research Foundation Scholarship in Honor of John Viniello

Through the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association (IFCA) and the IFCA Foundation’s Annual Scholarship Program, NIFSAB now sponsors a total of three Fire Inspector I & II Scholarships. These scholarships are named after Tom O’Connell, former NIFSAB executive director; Lonnie Jackson, former executive director of the Illinois Fire Inspectors Association (IFIA); and now, John Viniello. The new scholarship is possible thanks to two $500 donations from Mike Eisenhauer on behalf of Chicago Backflow Inc. and Gregg Huennekens, past president of United States Alliance Fire Protection. Typically, the IFCA Foundation provides matching funds, however, the two donations fully fund the scholarship.

Viniello served as NFSA president for 28 years from 1984-2012, and was a major supporter of NIFSAB’s work. He became part of the fire sprinkler industry in 1973, serving in several positions for NFSA including assistant director of codes and standards, regional manager for the Northeast, and including vice president of field operations, until he became president. He was recognized for his contribution to the growth of the fire sprinkler industry in the number of personnel hired and programs dedicated to advancing the mission of saving lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept. Viniello supported NIFSAB’s work including high-rise issues, battling anti-sprinkler information and supporting NFPA 13D efforts. 

“John was always there to support us and all fire and building officials,” said Tom Lia, NIFSAB executive director. “When we needed technical support, we got it; when we needed moral support and backup, we got it. Thank you, John Viniello, for all that you did. These newly trained fire officials will carry on your good work.”

Each year, the Scholarship Committee of the IFCA Foundation coordinates the program which is made possible by the generosity of various donors. The scholarships assist individuals who desire to further their fire service academic background, certification and training. Awards are made in three distinct categories: college courses, certificate courses, and other specialized courses that meet specific guidelines.

SOURCE Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB)