NextLevel Health Partners, Inc., Announces The Creation Of The Complete Health Advisory Council

CHICAGO, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — NextLevel Health Partners, Inc., a Medicaid managed care company, today announced the creation of their Complete Health Advisory Council, a group of community, social service, and health care professionals dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families throughout Chicago and Cook County communities.  The Complete Health Advisory Council, a group committed to caring through action, allows community and health care organizations across the region to better address the social determinants that impact health equity.

“The communities in which people live, work and play largely determine the type and quality of health care they experience,” says Dr. Cheryl Whitaker, CEO of NextLevel Health. “Through these convenings, we hope to strengthen the interaction between our communities and organizations that strive to create better health outcomes for every member we serve.” 

NextLevel Health’s Complete Health Advisory Council includes representatives from CEDA, ACCESS Community Health Network, Mile Square Health Center, Beloved Community Family Wellness Center, Snootie Fox Barber Shop, Mobile Care Chicago, Liberty Dental, Grand Prairie Behavioral Health, Near North Health Service Corporation, TASC, Safer Foundation, Chicago Area Project, Trilogy Behavioral Health Care, Canary Telehealth, The Link & Option Center, Ma’ Dear Home Services, Sankofa Safe Initiatives and Westside Health Authority. The Council will meet monthly.

At the Council’s monthly meetings, NextLevel Health shares progress data on increasing annual physicals, particularly for men of color who visit the emergency room at higher rates than they visit a primary care physician, and access to prenatal care for black women. NextLevel Health will also share data on hospital discharges and readmissions and it will work to improve the transition of care experience for members.

“Westside Health Authority is proud to stand with NextLevel Health and other community partners as we explore ways to increase wellness and improve the holistic health for the residents in the Austin and other west side communities,” said Quiwana Bell, Chief Operating Officer of Westside Health Authority.

“Sankofa Safe Initiatives is honored to partner with NextLevel Health and community and health advocates to engage in critical discussions on how we can collectively contribute to the betterment of healthcare practices and outcomes for communities throughout Chicago and Cook County at-large,” said Annette Wilson, Founder and President of Sankofa Safe Initiatives. It is both inspiring and energizing to be part of a group so dedicated to exploring the health care issues that currently exist and finding proactive solutions to remedy them for improved community health throughout the region.”

“Being a member of the Complete Health Advisory Council has been a rewarding experience and has opened my eyes to the needs of the community at a more granular level,” said Latoya Butler, Energy Services Director at the Community & Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc. “Speaking with the young barbershop owners in Englewood and learning how they impact their neighborhood has encouraged me to look at my department’s outreach strategy a little differently.  This Council will make a great impact through Chicago’s communities.”

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About NextLevel Health Partners, Inc.:
NextLevel Health is a managed care health plan for Cook County residents with Medicaid and for Cook County residents in the Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program (Medicare and Medicaid). NextLevel Health Partners, Inc. assists in managing and coordinating your care with a deeper understanding of you, your community, and your health, one-on-one, right in your own community. NextLevel Health Partners best serves their community by increasing access to health care, building strong partnerships in the neighborhoods they serve and by understanding important local issues.

SOURCE NextLevel Health Partners, Inc.

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