Next Level Reveals Cause and Effect of Linkage to Exec Advancement

NEW YORK, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Next Level ( today reveals cause and effect of ‘Linkage’ to executive career advancement for top-level job candidates. “We have all heard of free-association as it pertains to therapy sessions or party games,” says Next Level CEO Jack Robbins. “It is, however, a mental process that is always running in the background as we converse with others, read from a book or watch the news on the television, whether we realize it or not.”

“Today, Next Level ( is revealing the extent to which this mental process has determinate effects on the subject of career advancement and executive hiring,” says Jack Robbins. “Frankly, it is surprising to discover how much of the data we take in is subject to subliminal computation and filtering which can reshape the nature of the information we receive and how it is dealt with.”

The Career Transition Experts at Next Level ( are trained in making critical linkages for the benefit of the men and women who are wanting to maximize their career potential. “The act of getting the next job needs to be a strategic move that is, of itself, an improvement but also one that sets the candidate up for further advancement in the near term,” says Jack Robbins. “Understanding the underlying psychology of a prospective employer can make the decisive difference in obtaining optimum results.”

Next Level’s Executive Directive program ( makes effective use of strategic linkages.

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