New No UV – No Light Below 450nm Linear Fixtures by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass., March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures, a Worcester, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of commercial, sports, and industrial lighting, has released another fixture in its line of No UV – No Light Under 450nm products. The EPTA, already a mainstay in the Access Fixtures line of linear LEDs, is now available in No UV. This linear fixture is available in 30w, 60w, 90w, 120w, and 150w. Geared towards production facilities that require no UV due to certain manufacturing processes, these fixtures join the FLAT, FLYT, and no-UV APTA as one of the most cutting-edge technological advances in modern LED lighting to date. The EPTA No UV allows production facilities to meet OSHA and corporate regulations and standards like never before.

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