New Book Reveals How To Escape – And Recover — From Toxic Family Relationships

LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Family dynamics can always be complicated but their complexities take on a whole new meaning when your family relationships turn toxic. Whether you are a survivor of such a destructive upbringing or you care for someone who is, you’ll need the roadmap to recovery that Dr. Sherrie Campbell provides in her breakthrough book, But It’s Your Family…Cutting Ties with Toxic Family Members and Loving Yourself in the Aftermath (Morgan James Publishing, April; 222 pages, Trade Paperback, $17.95, ISBN: 978-1-64279-099-3).

Dr. Campbell knows firsthand about toxic family relationships, having been a victim of a childhood filled with what she describes as “emotional rape,” leading her to completely cut off family ties from her parents and sibling. Professionally, the LA-based clinical psychologist, speaker, author, and former radio host has helped thousands of individuals heal from deep family hurts.

Dr. Campbell offers insightful understandings on the following push-button subjects:

  • Diagnosing the symptoms of a toxic family relationship — and how to deal with negative people.
  • Avoiding the 8 guaranteed ways we mess up our children.
  • How to heal and recover from a terrible childhood.
  • When it’s time to completely cut ties with family members.
  • Understanding the 4-stage cycle of emotional abuse perpetrated by toxic family members.
  • Correcting 5 myths surrounding forgiveness in the healing process.

Toxic family abuse is always two-fold. The first layer of abuse is the original poor treatment by toxic family members, and the second is someone’s denial of the ways in which abusers treat and harm them. Loving someone doesn’t always mean having a relationship with them, just like forgiveness doesn’t always mean reconciliation. A significant part of healing comes with accepting that there are some relationships that are so poisonous that they destroy one’s ability to be healthy and function well. But It’s Your Family is a remarkable account of what it means to cut ties to toxic family abuse and thrive in the aftermath.

“When readers are able to bring closure to those toxic relationships, they give themselves the space to love those family members from a distance,” says Dr. Campbell. “We can love them as fellow human beings, with the knowledge that it is unwise to remain connected. Readers learn how to love themselves in the process and fundamentally change their lives for the better!”

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