New Affiliate Technology Alliance Partnerships Highlight Strength and Innovation of Blue Prism’s Ecosystem

LONDON and AUSTIN, Texas, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), today announced the addition of Hitachi ID, RPA Supervisor, SYSTRAN and Winshuttle to its Technology Alliance Program as affiliates, strengthening an already broad array of technology and independent software vendors (ISVs), that provide new and breakthrough intelligent automation capabilities. These partners enable customers to leverage Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to build out best-in-class solutions that incorporate cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, OCR and data extraction capabilities.

“We’ve built a true technology platform,” says Linda Dotts, SVP Global Partner Strategy and Programs for Blue Prism. “One which enables and drives innovation for both our partners and customers alike. We’re providing access and a foundation for intelligent automation that impacts multiple industries, companies of all sizes and runs across every geography. The possibilities to drive new efficiencies and help organizations digitally transform is staggering. We truly are the sum of our parts at Blue Prism.”

Companies participating in Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program at an affiliate level can easily customize their solutions, accelerate product development and minimize time to market for their products, using the market’s most advanced RPA software. It also gives partners an opportunity to help expand market awareness on the benefits of RPA by delivering their own complementary products to Blue Prism’s ecosystem by sharing them on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. Highlights from this new round of affiliate Technology Alliance Partners includes:

Hitachi ID Systems: Robotic Process Automation requires credentials to systems and applications to function. These credentials are often sensitive so should be secured. Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager (HiPAM) handles that, by periodically randomizing and vaulting passwords and providing a secure API for password retrieval.  Integrating HiPAM with Blue Prism’s digital workforce means enterprises can automate processes using securely managed credentials, while offering scalability, redundancy and process authorization.

“We recognize the accelerated pace of business process automation—it is increasingly important to provide easier access to high risk systems and environments, while also improving the security and scalability of the overall solution,” says Idan Shoham, CTO of Hitachi ID Systems.

RPA Supervisor: RPA Supervisor enables customers to leverage Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform to drastically optimize RPA resources with advanced algorithms and event handling capabilities. Planning of RPA operations is achieved simply by adding the business requirements (SLA’s) for each process, then leaving the RPA Supervisor do all the scheduling and execution. This is achieved by monitoring all potential work and continuously prioritizing the order work is processed to optimize business satisfaction and resource utilization. The SLA’s can specify time intervals, items in queues, changes to files or folders, incoming emails or other tasks being completed. The RPA Supervisor will also monitor the Blue Prism infrastructure and notify business or IT immediately of any issues it cannot handle itself.

“The RPA Supervisor is the culmination of 5 years of Blue Prism operational experience. Working closely with Blue Prism and our clients we are confident Blue Prism clients now have access to the world’s most sophisticated RPA orchestration and monitoring tool. Some of our clients are reporting fivefold improvements in response times and have reduced their human operational costs by more than 50 percent,” says Erik Lien, CEO of RPA Supervisor.

SYSTRAN: SYSTRAN’s integration gives enterprises easy access to secured neural machine translation (in more than 50 languages) to meet and exceed their expectations for business expansion, enhanced global collaboration and cost-effectiveness in multilingual content production. Digital workers have the ability to translate any content with both quality and performance while organizations use the power of RPA to easily automate the process from end-to-end. It provides a user-friendly translation solution in a secure environment, making it easy to comply with data security regulations allowing organizations to concentrate their efforts on data analysis.

“The combination of our neural machine translation technology and Blue Prism RPA allows enterprises to instantly unlock the value of multilingual content within their digital worker’s workflow,” says Jean Senellart, CEO of SYSTRAN.  “Thanks to its state-of-the-art Neural Technology, SYSTRAN delivers a translation adapted to each enterprise context and specific domain. Empowered with omnilingual capabilities, Blue Prism digital workers can rapidly and efficiently complete enterprise-driven actions worldwide.”

Winshuttle: Winshuttle’s integration extends Blue Prism’s automation to now include a no-code, rules-based alternative to easily update and query SAP ERP data. More than 2,200 global SAP customers use Winshuttle to reduce repetitive manual SAP data entry, quickly map Excel spreadsheets to SAP’s complex table structures and T-codes, and move data (like journal entries) in mass and with high performance into SAP. 

“Our partnership with Blue Prism builds on the unique ability to seamlessly integrate with SAP to allow customers to fully automate end-to-end processes,” says Kristian Kalsing, VP of Products and Solutions for Winshuttle. “This partnership supports a portfolio approach to RPA, taking best of breed solutions to solve a company’s particular set of challenges and use cases. We’re excited to partner with Blue Prism to help more customers get value from RPA deployments, faster and easier.”

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In this digital era where start-ups are constantly disrupting markets, only the most agile and innovative enterprises survive and thrive. At Blue Prism, we pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerging as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Now we bring you connected-RPA supported by the Digital Exchange (DX) app store—marrying internal entrepreneurship with the power of crowdsourced innovation.

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