“Moutai Cultural-Guizhou Charm” sailed to the South American continent

RENHUAI, China, April 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In April 2019, in the most beautiful April of the world, with the spring breeze of “Belt and Road”, Li Baofang, the party secretary, chairman and general manager of Moutai group, will lead the team to the South American continent, leaving a mellow footprint in Chile, Argentina and Peru.

Following Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania, Moutai has taken another “big step” in its internationalization. The Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, will be surrounded by a strong and elegant aroma of wine.

As a Chinese business card with fragrance all over the world, since 2015, in Moscow, Milan and San Francisco, after the large-scale promotion activities, Moutai has launched a brand culture promotion campaign in the cities along the “Belt and Road” area such as Hamburg, South Africa, Cape Town and Sydney in recent three years. It has created a “Moutai whirlwind” and created a new trend of “culture going to sea”.

In April 2019, Li Baofang will lead his team to Santiago, the capital of Chile, which has a history of more than 400 years. He will carry out the “Culture Moutai Colorful Guizhou ‘One Belt, One Road’, entering the Chilean Brand Promotion Campaign”.

This is the first time that Moutai has stepped into the farthest South American continent. It shows Moutai’s confidence in the countries along the “Belt and Road” and the responsibility of being a Chinese national brand.

“Good for everyone is really good,” Li Baofang said. Moutai should give full play to its quality, brand and cultural advantages, actively link up and deeply integrate into the “Belt and Road”, actively and steadily promote the layout and channel construction of overseas markets, create the overall brand of “Chinese liquor”, and drive more Chinese liquor enterprises to go out.

Moutai is the best Moutai liquor in China. It adheres to the oldest brewing technology, while Chile is the representative of the new world wine. I believe that the collision between the two will burst into brilliant sparks.

As a medium with unique charm, Moutai enhances the world’s recognition of Chinese culture through cultural activities promotion and event marketing, promotes the integration of Chinese culture and Western culture, and also shows the world the meaning of “Silk Spirit”: always uphold peace and cooperation, openness and tolerance, learning from each other, mutual benefit and win-win situation, always treat the world with kindness and commit to the world.

Moutai not only represents a Chinese brand, a commodity circulation, but also a carrier of culture. It is an important engine to promote the export of Chinese culture. With culture transcending barriers and spanning time and space, Moutai has explored a road suitable for the development of “internationalization”, demonstrated to the world the new image of Chinese enterprises after the rise, and established a set of operation paradigms full of Chinese traditional culture and wisdom.

After more than 100 years of accumulation and growth, benefiting from the historical opportunity of “Belt and Road”, in 2018, Moutai Group achieved operating income of US$12.6 billion and foreign exchange earned US$469 million. The stock market value has become the world’s highest market spirit for two consecutive years. The company has entered 38 countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.

In 2019, Moutai is destined to be the starting point of a new era. The global economy has recovered and the hard liquor market has grown steadily. Many factors have pushed Moutai to the center of the world liquor industry.

The improvement of the transportation infrastructure and the change of location disadvantage brought about by the “Belt and Road” have paved the way for Guizhou’s economic take-off and embrace the world. Standing on the cusp of accelerated development, Moutai and many enterprises in Guizhou are showing great momentum running forward.

SOURCE Kweichow Moutai Group