Moro Corporation Subsidiary J&J Sheet Metal Gets Revit Software For Federal Project At The Thousand Islands Border Crossing

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J&J Sheet Metal will fabricate and install all of the duct work for this federal project at the U.S. port of entry between Alexandria Bay, New York and Ivy Lea, Ontario. Work began this year and is expected to be complete in the next two and a half years.

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The Revit software that J&J Sheet Metal acquired for the job is a drafting tool that produces three-dimensional, real-life building information models—a tool that President Michael Azersky’s grandfather James Azersky, who founded J&J Sheet Metal in 1941, could never have dreamed might one day exist.

“My grandfather would definitely be yelling at me that I wasted so much money on software. He came to America from Lithuania and never wanted to pay for so much as a new screwdriver,” says J&J Sheet Metal President Michael Azersky. “But Revit was required for this border crossing job and now we’re using it for everything. It’s a competitive industry, so these are the kinds of investments you make to stay at the top of your game.”

J&J Sheet Metal has changed dramatically over the last 79 years, although the company is still a family-run business. When James Azersky began in the 1940s, he was primarily working on architectural and residential projects, including metal roofing. His first three employees were his sons, Irving, Julius and Simpson. After returning from serving in the military in 1946, the three brothers took over their dad’s business, leveraging their military experience and former employment in the HVAC industry to build a family-owned business that fabricated and installed millions of pounds of ductwork.

Azersky and his cousin Ralph took J&J Sheet Metal to a new level in the early 1970s by bringing the company a high-tech edge through computer-guided equipment and technology. Today the company has about 35 employees and performs public works and federal contracts throughout the northeast as well as large-scale projects for medical facilities and schools.

J&J Sheet Metal’s primary focus is on largescale duct work. In addition, the company performs custom fabrication work for metal roofing, electrical enclosures and commercial kitchens. Among the company’s current jobs, in addition to the border crossing project, are a $1.3 million ventilation and energy recovery project for a New York State prison, duct work upgrades for operation rooms in Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, and fabrication and installation work in the physics lab at Binghamton University.

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