Monkeybrains Acquires Y Combinator Backed ISP Startup Necto

“The most rewarding moments were seeing people get broadband at home for the first time,” Montgomery said. “The moment that will stick with me the most was getting a boy’s Xbox online for the first time—I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that happy!”

Necto’s residential internet customers are primarily located in the underserved Portola and Bayview neighborhoods of San Francisco. For many of Necto’s customers, it was their first time getting broadband internet access at home. Monkeybrains shares a commitment to residents underserved by traditional carriers, including initiatives to provide gigabit access to income-subsidized housing and build a citywide fiber network. The acquisition adds to MonkeyBrains already large customer base and infrastructure assets. Huang and Montgomery intend to pursue other projects following completion of the transition.

Necto was funded by Y Combinator in the Winter 2018 batch. They raised a seed round of funding after Y Combinator from angel and institutional investors. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. More information on the transition process and getting internet service from Monkeybrains can be found at or on Twitter @monkeybrainsnet

CONTACT: Adam Montgomery, Necto, Inc., 2431 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA


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