Mon Ethos Pro: Fitness Apparel Company, Evolife Apparel, makes a splash at 2019 Los Angeles Grand Prix bodybuilding event.

Gayden, who is currently on active duty with the United States Marine Corp, is sponsored by Evolife Apparel, an innovative new fitness apparel company that sells hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, bottoms, tank tops and hats and is owned by MMA Fighter, Bodybuilder and Model Yuki Sorci.

Based in Japan, Evolife Apparel can be found on the bodies of a number of athletes in the bodybuilding community, such as Xavisus Gayden, among other up and coming competitors. Evolife Apparel sells men’s fitness clothing along with women’s fitness clothing. This innovative brand The brand is currently expanding into the U.S. via a sponsorship of athletes with Mon Ethos Pro.

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