MMA Superstar Tito Ortiz to join Mon Ethos Pro President David Whitaker at Governor’s Cup Bodybuilding Competition in Sacramento, California on Saturday, March 30.

Tito Ortiz is known for his stints with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he is a former Light Heavyweight Champion, having held the title from April 14, 2000, to September 26, 2003, and his numerous bouts with Bellator MMA. The MMA fighter and athlete will be attending the 2019 IFBB/NPC Governor’s Cup Bodybuilding Competition and will be the presenting the award to the winner of the IFBB Pro League Bikini and Men’s Physique Finals competition.

Tito Ortiz is a top athlete and mixed martial arts fighter, and he, along with the Mon Ethos team, are celebrating the top talent in this sport,” says Mon Ethos Founder, David Whitaker. “A lot about what we promote at Mon Ethos involves the drive to accomplish your goals, and these are the same tools and principles that Tito has used to land him in the UFC Hall of Fame.”

Spectrum Fitness Productions is one of the leading IFBB Pro League event promotional companies for the past 33 years. Mon Ethos Pro is a Platinum Sponsor of all Spectrum Fitness Productions events and represents some of the top athletes competing in the sport today.

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