Miami-Based UniVista Insurance Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

In 2018, Insurance Journal listed UniVista Insurance as No. 33 in its Top 100 Property/Casualty Agencies national rankings.

“When my wife, Ania, and I launched UniVista Insurance in 2009, we spent the first two years testing and implementing ideas that formed the foundation of this highly successful company,” said Herrera, UniVista’s CEO. “We take great pride that our success is tied directly to offering insurance and related services to the Hispanic community, which continues to fuel UniVista’s rise.”

In 2009, during the height of the financial crisis that impacted the world, Herrera and his wife leveraged their savings and entrepreneurial spirit to launch their vision for a Miami-based insurance company. With $40,000, they bought the UniVista name, which had no customers and practically zero contracts.

Their focus was on a market niche that was mainly ignored by insurance companies, made up of hardworking, Spanish-speaking immigrants in communities like Hialeah, who could pay for insurance if the policies were priced right, Herrera said. The company also spent time training employees, with agents taking classes every day on everything from UniVista culture to how to avoid customer fraud.

The company’s recipe for success can be boiled down to a simple philosophy.

“Customer service is the key to UniVista’s success,” Herrera said. “Our philosophy is based on the idea that a policy is a promise on our part to support the client when they have a problem in the future. For our part, we are buying a future problem that we have to be able to solve when our customers need it.”

About UniVista Insurance
UniVista Insurance is a family-owned and operated, independent insurance agency that has been protecting Florida for over 10 years. UniVista Insurance has become a trusted leader among Florida insurance agencies and companies by providing quality protection, superior customer service, and the lowest insurance rates in the state. Whether it is auto, home, commercial, life, health or annuity products, UniVista educates and guides clients on making the right decision for their insurance needs. Its unprecedented success throughout Florida as a leader within the insurance community has allowed them to expand to California, providing the best insurance coverage in both the West and East Coast. In 2018, Insurance Journal listed UniVista Insurance as No. 33 in its Top 100 Property/Casualty Agencies national rankings.

SOURCE Univista Insurance