Mexican American Opportunity Foundation Board Announces RFP for an Executive Search Firm

MONTEBELLO, Calif., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Board of Directors of the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) has announced a Request for Proposal (RFP) to retain a consultant, firm or organization to assist the board to recruit and hire the organization’s next President & CEO. The RFP outlines the expectations and timeline for the scope of work. The selected individual/firm should possess capacity and competencies on a full range of services, including experience with conducting successful executive searches for similar-sized nonprofit organizations and implementing equitable and inclusive recruiting and hiring processes. The MAOF Board looks forward to working with the individual/firm to attract a qualified and diverse set of candidates to hire its next executive leader to carry forth MAOF’s mission-based work.

The services that will be required shall include:

  • Solicit input from MAOF’s Search Committee, through meetings and/or interviews to understand the role, responsibilities, qualifications, and appropriate experience needed for the position.
  • Develop a recruitment strategy, process and timetable for completion of the work in consultation with the MAOF’s Search Committee.
  • Review of the current job description to evaluate its attractiveness and assist in developing one that will entice the right candidate.
  • Source job candidates through a number of different channels including advertising in locally and nationally recognized publications likely to attract qualified candidates, proactively reaching out to candidates in the marketplace that may not be actively seeking the position, accessing the firm’s network of qualified C-level candidates and other best practice recruitment strategies utilized in the industry.
  • Assess the qualifications of interested candidates against those required in the job description and recommend potential candidates for interview to the MAOF’s Search Committee.
  • Support the Council’s Search Committee in engaging in a rigorous interview, reference checking and hiring process to select the best candidate.
  • Assist and provide guidance to the MAOF Selection Committee in the final selection of the candidate. Assist MAOF representatives in structuring the job offer, the employment package and relocation (if applicable) with the finalist.

Interested firms/individuals can download a copy of the RFP at the following link:

About the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation:

The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) is a non-profit, state-wide community-based organization that was established in 1963 by Founder Dionicio Morales to serve disadvantaged individuals and families in the Los Angeles area. MAOF is one of the largest family services organizations in the United States and has achieved this status by providing high quality social services and programs to diverse communities where the need is the greatest.  It currently operates in seven California counties with over 60 service locations and over 900 employees.  The annual budget exceeds $120,000,000.  MAOF Website;

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