medical leverage, a communications company, Launches Publication Planning Solution, mlCatalyst, Continues to Grow its Product Suite

mlCatalyst joins ml’s product suite at a fortuitous time. ml continues to build on its proven client-centric approach responding to the changing communications landscape. By innovating new medical communication platforms, in response to its clients’ challenges, ml is poised to accelerate its growth and expansion plans.

President of ml, Dave Oury, says, “Our goal when creating products has always been to produce best in class, cost-effective, options that resolve our clients’ challenges. The addition of mlCatalyst exemplifies our commitment to our clients. What started as a client need resulted in a cost-effective highly functional tool that manages publication development and planning. It is scenarios like these where our experience of sitting on the client’s side of the fence serves as fertile ground to germinate extraordinary ideas. By pairing our proprietary platforms with our rich medical content development expertise we are able to offer a full solution to our clients which enhances efficiency, internal and external communications, and keeps the price-point substantially less than some of the older publication planning platforms.”

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ABOUTmedical leverage is a medical communications company that provides full-service solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and medical diagnostic companies. We elevate healthcare communications through education by partnering strategically with life science companies and providers. 

For 20 years, we have had the distinct honor of working with marketing, medical affairs, sales training, and market access teams within U.S. and international companies. We know that behind every program there is a product and behind every health care professional there is a patient. We focus on our clients, so they can focus on healthcare professionals and, ultimately, their patients. 

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