Manuka Sport to Highlight Health & Wellness Conference March 31-April 3 in Orlando


“We are very excited about showcasing our Manuka honey product line to major retailers and outlets in the United States,” said CEO Tom Buckley. “This is a perfect opportunity to help us expand our market in America.”

Manuka Sport products provide athletes with all the health benefits of Manuka honey. People for centuries have used regular honey for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Manuka honey, which is created by bees pollinating the native Manuka bush in New Zealand, has an additional antibacterial component, methylglyoxal, in a higher concentration.

Manuka Sport products are:

  • Hydration + Energy Powder, which has the ideal ratio of glucose and carbohydrates, and contains honey, BCAAs, carbohydrates, and electrolytes.
  • Honey Cherry Energy Gel, which fuels and hydrates your body during training and competition, has 45 mg of caffeine, carbohydrates and electrolytes.
  • Honey Citrus Energy Gel, which is similar to Honey Cherry Energy Gel, but it doesn’t contain caffeine.
  • Raw Manuka Honey, which is a superfood and is an excellent source of fuel for all types of athlete.

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Brian Gould, president of NPI, and Jeff Fernandez, executive vice president, will represent Manuka Sport at the Orlando conference.

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