Mainbloq launches cryptocurrency trading algorithms

NEW YORK, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mainbloq launched their suite of trading algorithms to empower traders of digital assets. Their algorithms can be used via the Mainbloq order management system or can be integrated into other OMSs or EMSs via API.

“We believe in modularity,” said CEO Peter Bordes. “Our mission is to bring the sophistication of the street to digital assets and to us that means creating the best tools in the world and putting them in the hands of traders, wherever they trade.”

“The most important thing to remember is that not all algos are created equal,” said CIO Marc Deveaux. “That’s why we’ve assembled a team of street veterans with experience crafting algorithms for some of the most successful shops. We’ve created your typical algos like TWAP and VWAP, but we’ve also crafted custom algorithms that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Mainbloq’s algorithm suite is currently comprised of eight algorithms and will continue to grow. They also create custom algorithms to help their clients execute their individual trading strategies.

“First we built the world’s best crypto smart order router,” said Peter Bordes. “With the launch of our algorithm suite we’ve created another “block” in our vision for a best-in-class cloud-based modular platform joining data, tools, research, and insights for digital assets. Crypto is getting more sophisticated.”

About Mainbloq

Mainbloq is a data, research, and technology company focusing on blockchain and digital assets. Mainbloq offers a cloud-based modular platform including a smart order router, suite of trading algorithms, the ability for clients to integrate their own algorithms, and consulting services to help client’s execute on their trading strategies. Mainbloq is building the best-in-class platform for researching and trading digital assets. For more information visit

Ryan Kuiken 

VP, Sales and Business Development

SOURCE Mainbloq

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