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LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2019 — Nearly 1,000 world leading neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and engineers will be gathering in downtown Los Angeles this weekend, March 15-17 at the LA Convention Center.  This prestigious gathering is a meeting of neuroscience pioneers and neurotech investors who are advancing the latest discoveries and research for brain and spine health.  The public is invited to attend the first World Brain Expo to learn about the latest game-changing diagnostics and therapeutics.

“It took 14 months for a committee of 120 scientists, surgeons, physicians and engineers to bring pioneering surgeons and scientists in the fields of brain and spine together in Los Angeles,” said Dr. Jeff Wang, President of Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Co-Director of Spine Institute at USC-Keck School of Medicine. “This is not an ordinary medical convention.  This year we welcome the public to attend the first World Brain Expo to learn about the latest therapeutics for the brain and spine. We have also engaged venture capitalists, angel and impact investors who help fast track game-changing therapies from a concept to the standard of care.”

The 16th Annual World Congress of SBMT is jointly sponsored by North American Spine Society (NASS) and USC Keck School of Medicine. Clinicians who register for the convention are eligible to obtain up to 30 hours of Continuing Medical Education credits.

The Brain Mapping Foundation is also holding its 16th Annual Gathering for the Cure Gala Saturday, March 16 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown LA. The pioneers in the field who will be being honored include Daniel Perl, M.D., Deepak Chopra, M.D., Harry Kloor, Ph.D., Nevzat Tarhan, M.D., Jeff Wang, M.D., and Jean-Pierre Gaspard, CEO of AFM Telethon France. The foundation will also be honoring filmmakers Sean Stone and Bobak Kalhor for their roles in highlighting advanced science and technology to raising public awareness about neurological disorders. Grammy-winning singer, Debbie Boone, will perform at the gala and numerous Hollywood stars such as the legendary singer Pat Boone, Emmy Award-nominated producer Tim Kring, and actor David Walton will be attending this year’s celebration of scientists and their discoveries. This event is one of the rare fundraisers being held that brings together everyone who is passionate about advancing neuroscience. (Registration for the gala can be found here)

“This event is equivalent of Oscars in the field of Neuroscience. We are highlighting the pioneering work done by legendary scientists and engaging key public figures to raise awareness about neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders and a call to action to urge foundations, associations, industry leaders and government agencies to share data and openly collaborate,” said Dr. Saleem Abdulrauf, President-Elect of SBMT, Professor and Chairman of Neurosurgery of Saint Louis University. “The lack of data sharing and collaboration has hindered our abilities to introduce new therapeutics.  The Brain Mapping Foundation is truly introducing a new paradigm in global partnership and collaboration.”  

One of the major problems in translating discoveries and technologies into lifesaving diagnostics and therapeutics is lack of funding for matured research. This gap of funding referred to as ‘The Valley of Death,’ limits life-changing therapies to becoming standard of care due to lack of funding for high-risk, high-gain projects. The Brain Mapping Foundation (BMF) has challenged the status quo by introducing the world’s first Brain Technology and Innovation Park (BTIP) initiative, aimed at creating new therapeutics for the brain, spine and mental disorders. BTIP will also create neurotech jobs in Los Angeles by banking on American ingenuity.

“BMF is on the forefront of innovation, translation, integration, commercialization and democratization of neurotech,” said Dr. Vicky Yamamoto, Executive Director of SBMT, Co-Founder of Brain Mapping Foundation, Cancer Scientist in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the USC-Keck School of Medicine. “We are bringing world-leading scientists and technologists together with industry leaders, private equity funds, VCs, impact funds, angel investors, philanthropists, and the public to change the paradigm in introducing new therapies in a short period while turning Los Angeles into the brain capital of the world.”

These programs made possible by generous contributions of Smart Microscopy Inc., Brain Mapping Foundation, Chopra Foundation, Medtronic, Globus, MEGIN, Boston Scientific, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, NovoCure, Synapse Biomedical, AFM Telethon France, Cerapedics Inc., Pacific American Life Science Learning Center, Surgical Training Institute, Siemens, Canon Medical, Eisai Pharmaceutical, Stryker, Penumbra, O2 Health, Ronin Surgical, SBH Surgical, Zeiss and North American Spine Society (NASS). 

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