Loop Now Launches High Quality Short-Form Video Storytelling Platform, Firework

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Offering user generated, platform-curated, and original content from media partners including Refinery29, Firework’s launch includes the announcement of recent content creation, promotional, and advertising partnerships. Thousands of top digital creators have already discovered Firework including Frankie Grande, Dang Matt Smith, Olivia Jordan, and Marlon Webb, among others.  

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As three quarters of internet users are expected to go mobile-only by 2025*, creators and advertisers will be capable of reaching their audience with personalized content across a near-instant connection.  Committed to empowering everyday creators to produce extraordinary stories with premium production value, Firework’s new REVEAL camera feature and intelligent discovery engine poise Firework as a step towards the future of mobile TV.  

As part of this official launch, Loop Now has announced several innovative features now available for Firework users:

  • REVEAL Video: Firework’s patent-pending technology, REVEAL, uniquely allows creators to think outside the frame and simply flip their phone to seamlessly reveal even more of the video. Now, content creators and viewers are freed from the constraints of having to choose to shoot either vertical or horizontal mobile content, with the power to experience both as desired!
  • Intelligent Discovery Engine: Firework’s proprietary intelligent discovery engine uses advanced machine-learning to provide users with safe and curated content that is personalized to each user’s unique interests. The system learns as you watch, to surface high-quality videos that a viewer will enjoy.
  • Safer Viewing Experience: Firework takes online safety seriously and features technology provided by a leading computer vision AI software firm to filter out unsafe and unwanted visual content. Human curators are also online monitoring and removing any offensive content that AI can’t detect, 24/7.
  • Keeping it Real: Firework boldly replaced the anonymous comments feature found on most ‘social’ apps with conversational person-to-person direct messaging (DMs).
  • Custom Collections: Creators and viewers act as tastemakers for other users by collecting and reposting engaging videos to audiences on Firework and externally across online platforms, encouraging video virality.
  • Sponsored Hashtags: Every week, Firework launches fresh, culturally-relevant hashtag events that encourage an engaged social community to participate and create inspiring video content with the equal opportunity to earn cash prizes and fundraise for relevant social causes.

“We’ve created a non-elitist platform that easily connects extraordinary creators to fans and brands, delivering exciting storytelling, and giving a voice to unique talent,” says Cory Grenier, Firework’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We all live in a world where time is precious, we are constantly on the go, and no other traditional or social media firm has provided premium user-generated content for everyone to devour within seconds.”  As the first Director of Sales & Marketing at Snapchat, Grenier assisted building the company from 40 employees until its IPO in March 2017 for $33 billion, learning that serving a creator-centric community with new value streams and creative innovations is key.  

“We’re excited to offer our premium content in this first-to-market approach with the launch of the Firework platform,” said Christopher Sumner, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategy at Refinery29, the leading media and entertainment company for young women. “This partnership enables Refinery29 to extend our reach beyond more traditional channels, offering meaningful video content to audiences wherever they are consuming it.”

Earlier this year, Firework announced all new original streaming content with “Firework Originals,” a refreshing social mobile TV platform for emerging talent to express their cinematic arts and build their popularity through well-crafted and professionally-directed video content.  Firework intends to also use its platform to discover and spotlight untapped creative talent and amplify the digital stars of tomorrow.

Venture-backed startup Loop Now Technologies is a 50-person team based in Redwood City, with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Tokyo. Founded by early founding members of LinkedIn and Snapchat, Loop Now’s team members consist primarily of top-tier tech, investment banking, and entertainment executives.

Firework is a next-generation social mobile content platform, delivering best-in-quality, elevated content and patent-pending editing tools for millions of users.  Since 2018, Firework has rapidly evolved its platform to meaningfully connect creators, fans, and engaged audiences by curating premium 30-second user-generated video content tailored to viewer’s unique tastes. Featured today on the Apple App Store, Firework is now available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

For more information, visit: www.FireworkTV.com and follow @Fireworkhq on social media.

*Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/24/smartphones-72percent-of-people-will-use-only-mobile-for-internet-by-2025.html

Kara Ivy Goldberg, Firework

SOURCE Loop Now Technologies, Inc.

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