Law School is a Marathon and Not a Sprint; New book from Teresa Power, J.D. helps get you into peak condition


LOS ANGELES, March 18, 2019 — According to best-selling and award-winning author, Teresa Power, J.D., many people go to law school dreaming of big salaries, but the truth is that a typical graduate cannot expect such high salary offers. A recent US News & World Report article stated that “less than 15% of ranked schools had median private sector salaries among 2017 graduates that exceeded $150,000.”

Despite these statistics, Power asserts that law school is worth the investment and should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint. A marathoner carefully paces himself, maintaining a steady speed for the long race, just like a potential law student must pace him or herself to make it through the application process, three grueling years of law school, taking the bar examination, and finding a job upon graduation.

The very first step is to investigate each school’s bar passage rate as well as starting salaries and employment rates. Power’s new book, The ABCs of Law School: Diary of a First Year Student (Published by Stafford House Books, May 2019, Softcover, 360 pages, $15.99, ISBN: 978-0-1070-8-0) gives students tips on the application process as well as strategies to survive and thrive during one’s first year and beyond.

Power’s new book, The ABCs of Law School, breaks down:

  • How to feel calm, confident, and ready to apply to law school
  • Ways to study effectively and not get overwhelmed
  • Behind-the-scenes advice on how to meet the challenges of law school
  • Resources and invaluable class outlines to prepare for school
  • How to use yoga for stress reduction

“This book can be a secret weapon for those seeking to get an edge over classmates – and to getting the most out of one’s law school experience,” says Power.

Power, who has been featured for her earlier books by Good Morning America, USA Today, and Reader’s Digest, says her goal in writing this book is to give others a realistic and better understanding of a typical first-year law student’s experience.

Everyone wants to get ahead in law school. By understanding the basic concepts and how to succeed in classes BEFORE the first day, you will get a head-start on your classmates. This will help you to finish first in the marathon that is law school and ensure that your experience is worth the investment.

SOURCE Stafford House Books