LaView Security Introduces Premium Wireless Security Camera System with Smart Station and Double the Battery Life

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The ONE Link is controlled by its router-linked smart station. Easy synching with each camera creates a fully-linked and secure network of coverage that does not require users to re-enter credentials when moving cameras around their network. In addition, linking the camera with the smart station increases the wireless security cameras’ long-lasting 3-month standby life to a standard-setting 6-month standby life per single charge.

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The ONE Link system is designed with flexibility and freedom of its users in mind. The cameras come with easy-mounting magnetic brackets and mounting plates that screw into virtually any surface. This allows for custom 360° positioning and provides mobility. Users can place the wireless security cameras indoors, outdoors, or take them on-the-go for coverage during family trips. Mobile versatility is a key feature of what LaView emphasizes as they continue to develop their ONE Series solutions.

Since LaView introduced the ONE Series, our smart-home-friendly, wireless camera systems, we have continually added to our product line with cutting edge solutions. Our series of easy-to-use DIY units addresses the ever-evolving security needs of our clients, integrating with a single, intuitive app. The ONE Link was designed to sync easily and instantly into our growing range of wireless security cameras, promoting versatility and convenience with its smart station. The flexibility of the ONE Link system goes even further, with multiple storage options. Each camera in the ONE Link system comes with an onboard micro SD slot that can record up to 128GB of data. This allows easy and instant access to the HD footage, as needed. However, if the user requires more storage capability, an affordable cloud-based service for expanded data capacity and encrypted security is available. To guarantee the safety and accessibility of their footage, users can opt for both options simultaneously.

These wireless security cameras let users have their security, their way, with the smart station as the link between them and the future of smart-home surveillance. Learn more about LaView’s Wireless Security Camera System here.

SOURCE LaView Security