JUMP Holdings, Inc. Raises $1M in Partnership with A3 Education to Build INVENTURE


LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2019 — JUMP Holdings, Inc., the Los Angeles-based tech startup, today announces that it has raised a $1M seed round investment from A3 Education to launch INVENTURE, a first-in-class mobile immersive experience merging interactive choices with real-world actions to enhance characters’ and players’ lives.

INVENTURE leverages AI, ARG, and Interactive Fiction in conjunction with the science of emotions and behavioral motivators to provide an immersive multiplayer experience fueled by interactive quests, realistic avatars, and real-time resources.

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You must build trust with NPCs and friend in the real world
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Build stats within gameplay

Unlike popular social simulators and choice-driven mobile games, INVENTURE goes beyond simple cause-and-effect entertainment to foster an atmosphere in which users can understand and support one another within the game and through real-world experience.

“Our team honed in on the question of how to evoke empathy, emotional awareness and action in users through fun and engaging gameplay,” says James Adamy, Founder & CEO of INVENTURE. “It is not an easy problem to solve, and there is still more work to be done – but we’re really excited to bring this unique platform to market that can also shed light on many social and mental health issues this generation faces today.”

INVENTURE executes this unique gameplay through its immersive Alternate Reality mobile landscape in which users must complete tasks in the real world by use of photos and videos, navigate realistic scenarios, choices, and consequences while tackling some of today’s most pressing issues (including mental health, self-worth, #MeToo, bullying/harassment, and LGBTQ+). By engaging with in-game avatars and their relevant story arcs, users have the opportunity to constructively navigate the challenges they and many of their peers face firsthand.

Celebrity guest avatars will also provide intimate access to some of the most challenging and rewarding moments of their lives, potentially to different outcomes based on user choices. Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf says of his commitment to be one of INVENTURE’s pro-athlete guest avatars: “It’s one thing to tell my story, but it’s entirely different to live my story by having to make the choices I was faced with and see the potential consequences. I believe this revolutionary approach will help others in similar situations and build more empathy/compassion once people understand celebrities are human, too, and are sometimes faced with insurmountable pressures we aren’t prepared to deal with.”

Throughout the game, users will be attended by a mysterious AI guide from the future who learns their emotional palette and subsequently provides positive inspiration and multimedia resources tailored to the user. The mystery of this guide’s origin will create a puzzle that unfolds over the course of the game.

Earlier this year, A3 Education saw the opportunity to empower their targeted 20K student population with this unique resource and invested a $1M seed round to accelerate the platform’s development and bring on additional talent. 

“Plenty of emerging technologies attempt to tackle the complex issues, choices, and outcomes this demographic faces every day, but we believe INVENTURE is the first to do so in a unique and meaningful way that provides students an authentic voice in the experience,” says Sean McManus, CEO of A3 Education. “We are proud to stand behind their vision and bring ‘the inventure’ to our student population of game-changers and forward thinkers.”

New users can sign up today at INVENTURE.co to participate in the beta. The platform will be available for free download on iOS and Android mid-2019. To follow updates and developments, please visit their website.

INVENTURE is the first-in-class Alternate Reality mobile experience merging social simulation with real-world actions to enhance people’s lives. Through its multidimensional, multiplayer gaming environment, users can navigate realistic scenarios, choices and consequences while tackling some of today’s most pressing issues (including mental health, self-worth, #MeToo, bullying/harassment) and enhancing their own understanding of self along the way. For more information, visit INVENTURE.co.

Candice Stokes


SOURCE JUMP Holdings, Inc.

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