Jet Insurance Services, Inc. Takes Flight!

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — For 50+ years this family run organization has provided commercial surety bonds at the highest level of service and efficiency. The problem was the services were only for California contractors at California Contractors Insurance Services, Inc (CCIS). The organization is now under its third generation of ownership and it is time to bring the services to others through Jet Insurance Services, Inc.

Jet is currently licensed and servicing a dozen states and by the end of the year will be operating across the entire country. Located in Sacramento, CA, Jet just had their shared office with CCIS renovated and extended to accommodate the expanding company.

Jet’s goal is to provide the right bonding and coverage for the lowest price with stellar service for businesses. It would be wishful thinking to say it could be done easily, but it takes a lot of hard work, motivated employees, and a tireless focus on continuous improvement to make each customer interaction positive.

To make sure the company stays within the same great standards of service, Jet is deliberately selecting each bond market they are launching into. Jet now offers bonding and insurance for contractors and car dealers and will slowly start expanding into other industries. Contractors and dealers can expect a new and better way to obtain those pesky bond and insurance requirements, just ask any CCIS customers!

Jet is not a typical insurance agency. No producers, no account managers, no endless flock of “customer services representatives” and no secretaries. No fluff exists at Jet that causes delays in service and always ends in higher overhead costs that are passed onto the customers.

Jet is a small company built to service small companies fast. Every dollar and every minute matters. For the owner-operator businesses this is the place – and that is not to say Jet cannot handle the bonds of larger organizations because they can – but Jet ownership and employees finds the most satisfaction in helping other small business and people take flight.

SOURCE Jet Insurance Services

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