iQIYI Successfully Launches Game Adaptation of DreamWorks Animated Film

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Following the launch of the game in February, the daily search volume for The Croods on Baidu, China’s most-used search engine, increased by 13.5 times within a week. The game was promoted across a variety of iQIYI online channels and on Universal Pictures International, China and DreamWorks Animation social media locally, reflecting the success of the collaboration.

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“iQIYI considers online gaming an integral part of our ecosystem and ersified monetization model,” said He Yunpeng, SVP of iQIYI. “Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation have a proven track record of producing animated classics, and we are proud of partnering with the team to bring this beloved Hollywood film adaptation to Chinese gamers.”

“The successful launch of this new mobile game based on The Croods is an important win for us and has greatly exceeded our expectations. iQIYI has a strong understanding of the Chinese market, which has paved the way for the game to perform exceptionally well,” said Chris Heatherly, EVP of Games and Digital Platforms, Universal Brand Development. “There are huge opportunities in the Chinese mobile space, and we look forward to introducing more compelling IP-based games to the market.”

The monetary potential of iQIYI’s online gaming business was seen recently in the company’s 2018 financial results, with other revenues including gaming representing US$418.2 million, a 105% increase compared with 2017. Since 2014, iQIYI has strengthened its online gaming arm by adopting an IP-driven production strategy that focuses on the inter-adaptation of movie, television and gaming. The company has already released more than 5,000 online games through IP works based on a wide array of movies, dramas, literature, variety shows, animation and comics. Furthermore, iQIYI will continue fully leveraging the value in IP licensing through global partnerships and developing its online gaming business into an integrated online gaming platform, which comprises all aspects from game R&D to publishing and operation. 

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