Introducing Axiometrix Solutions

The name “Axiometrix Solutions” is a direct reflection of what these industry-leading brands seek, both individually and collectively, to provide customers: true (axiom) measurement (metrix) solutions. As an added graphical element, “IO” is highlighted within the Axiometrix Solutions logo to represent the Input/Output of the signals being analyzed for insight. 

The tagline “Sense. Measure. Insight.” is a concise but descriptive view of the value delivered to the market. As a group, Axiometrix Solutions’ product line brands provide the tools to help customers Sense a signal of interest by providing sensors to detect and acquire, Measure that signal by providing data acquisition HW and analysis SW to describe signal behavior, and through this process, derive Insight from the data and information acquired.

As a group, the vision for Axiometrix Solutions is to deliver Insight to customers who need to Sense, Acquire, Measure and Analyze their signals. More specifically, it is the organization’s mission to use application knowledge, innovative engineering, and operational expertise to enable engineers, technicians, and researchers to move from challenge to insight.  

The companies that comprise Axiometrix Solutions—Audio Precision, GRAS Sound & Vibration, and imc Test & Measurement GmbH—possess strong, market-leading brands and each will maintain that brand as a product line brand rather than a company one.  

“One of the benefits of bringing multiple brands together is the ability to provide a much more complete solution to the customer than individual brands can separately,” stated Mike Flaherty, Axiometrix Solutions Chief Executive Officer. “Having a unifying identity—in our case Axiometrix Solutions—as well as a singular vision, unites our brands in our mission to aid engineers, technicians, and researchers around the world in moving from challenge to insight.” 

About Audio Precision

Audio Precision (AP) is a recognized world leader in electronic audio and electro-acoustic test instrumentation. Since 1984, AP’s analyzers have helped engineers to design and manufacture innovative solutions ranging from semiconductor devices to consumer, automotive, and professional audio products.

About GRAS Sound & Vibration
GRAS is a worldwide leader in the sound and vibration industry. GRAS develops and manufactures state-of-the- art measurement microphones to industries where acoustic measuring accuracy and repeatability is of utmost importance in R&D, QA, and production. This includes applications and solutions for customers within the fields of aerospace, automotive, audiology, and consumer electronics. GRAS microphones are designed to live up to the high quality, durability, and accuracy that our customers have come to expect and trust.

About imc Test & Measurement GmbH
imc Test & Measurement GmbH is a manufacturer and solution provider of productive test and measurement systems. Together with its customers from the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, railway, aerospace, and energy, imc implements metrological solutions for research, development, service, and production. Every day, customers use imc measurement devices, software solutions and test stands to validate prototypes, optimize products, monitor processes, and gain insights from measurement data. imc consistently pursues its claim of providing services for “productive testing”. The company offers its customers top technological performance throughout the entire measurement chain.

SOURCE Axiometrix Solutions

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