Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Shares Tips on Incorporating User-Generated Content into Your Marketing Strategy This St. Patrick’s Day


NEW YORK, March 15, 2019 — Exposure and engagement are the keys to effective internet marketing. As an internet marketing company, fishbat is eager to share with you some hints on how to use user-generated content to promote your brand this St. Patrick’s Day.

When marketing, the natural tendency is to keep the images and content showcasing your brand since carefully produced images and content are often the most important aspects of your social media marketing. However, don’t be afraid of using user-generated content to produce more buzz and customer engagement.

How to Best User-Generated Content

User-generated content has the ability to engage current and potential customers and increase your brands exposure during the holidays by showing different ways users are benefiting from your products and services. The following showcase some tips and tricks for taking advantage of this type of content during St. Patrick’s Day.

Choose Your Platform
Some of the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used. Perhaps you will want to concentrate on just one platform, a combination of two, or even utilize them all.

  • Facebook best practices generally feature a photo or video, along with a short description. You can ask followers to comment, like, or share you posts on the platform, as well as on other platforms.
  • Instagram mainly features eye-catching graphics and short animations or GIFs.
  • Twitter can feature images, however, a short 140 character text block is best used here.
  • Snapchat focuses on quick cycling images and messages which disappear after 24-hours.  

How Can You Encourage Contribution?

Recognition, by public social media, is often enough of a reward for social media users. However, here are some other ways to encourage users to contribute to your bank of user-generated content:

  • Create a contest, with clear, but simple rules that will encourage followers to partake.
  • Encourage users to share photos and images enjoying your product/service. You can even create a specific hashtag to add another level of involvement.
  • Showcase the reward, discount, or products/services that your followers can win by participating in your contents and future contests.
  • Feature the winner or winners on your website and on your social media channels. What is the Most Important Element of the User-Generated Post?

Having your brand name and products/services featured on many users’ feeds will spike interest in potential customers. By incorporating more user-generated content, you will be seen by the public as a fun, genuine, and generous company. In order to gain even more digital marketing expertise, consider partnering with a digital marketing agency.

About fishbat

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