Internet Marketing Agency, fishbat, Offers 4 Tips for Pharmaceutical Companies to Build and Maintain Their Customer Service Through Social Media

PATCHOGUE, N.Y., March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As part of their ongoing efforts to teach companies how to self-promote across social channels, fishbat, an internet marketing agency, shares four tips for pharmaceutical companies to build and maintain their customer service through social media.

Strategically leveraging social media channels can do more than just create positive customer service experiences for existing customers – it can also expand your pharmaceutical company’s reach to include prospective and potential customers in addition to media outlets dedicated to covering brand engagement on social platforms.

Read on for tips on elevating your pharmaceutical company’s social media strategy.

Be Present

There are more than 200 different social networking sites on the Internet, but most people are only familiar with about five of them. Make sure that your pharmaceutical company has a significant presence on only the most relevant of social media sites. Picture-heavy platforms like Instagram and Pinterest make less sense for a pharmaceutical company’s social media customer service strategy than Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook is an excellent social platform to create individualized pages for specific company products and initiatives. Twitter works well for mass announcements and supporting campaigns and initiatives as well as individual, one-on-one (albeit potentially in a very public forum) interactions. A strong social media strategy will make good use of both platforms to achieve company goals.

Take Care

Sometimes a change in perspective is in order. When your objective shifts from customer service to customer care, customers will not only sense a change for the better but feel a difference as well. Rather than seeing your customers as issues to be serviced, treat them as real people in need of real care.

By cultivating a culture of care within your pharmaceutical company’s customer service and social marketing departments, you will increase positive and meaningful interactions between your social media agents and your target customers. Showcasing those interactions in such public forums expands their reach far beyond those individual interactions to include current and prospective customers, media outlets and more. That said, conversations that necessarily involve the divulging of sensitive personal information should be moved to more private, direct message avenues.

Promote Healing Without Being Too Promotional

Savvy social media users tend to find excessive brand promotion to be off-putting. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, your official social media channels should promote your pharmaceutical company without being too burdensome with advertising.

How does this look in practice? Utilize your social media channels to deliver custom content that is most relevant to your current (and prospective) customers. Consider creating and sharing content that promotes healthy lifestyle choices (such as diet, exercise, and supportive networks) that work in tandem with your pharmaceutical company’s products and initiatives.

Be Supportive

A tremendously useful function of Facebook for business is the ability to create specialized pages. By creating and cultivating a Facebook page that functions as a support group for people living with the specific conditions that your pharmaceutical company’s products aim to ameliorate, you can create an invaluable channel to reach current and prospective customers. One major caveat: Be sure to allocate resources for a dedicated moderator to keep the support group’s dialogues on-track and on-brand.

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