International Victims Action Center Partners With Elite Beverage International To Host Its Annual Charity Gala And Auction

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There are 294 US consulates, embassies and diplomatic missions around the world with millions of Americans living abroad, yet there are fewer services that support victims abroad during or after a traumatic incident. IVAC fulfills this compelling need by providing victims with emotional, psychological, financial, and legal support by aiding men, women and children.

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IVAC has announced it’s Annual TAKE ACTION Charity Gala and Auction fundraiser, sponsored by Elite Beverage International.

The charity gala will occur on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at the Yorba Linda Community Center located at 4501 Casa Loma Ave, Yorba Linda, CA 92886. The event will begin at 7pm and end at 11pm. The fundraising event will host a plated dinner, open host-bar, a silent auction, and live entertainment for approximately 200 guests. The ticket donation is $50 per person, with all proceeds going directly to the charity organization.

IVAC was founded by Nathalie Neville, a survivor of abuse and assault while living abroad herself.  IVAC made progress in Washington DC after Nathalie began lobbying to members of the US Congress about her organization’s work and need for support to protect and assist Americans abroad. Her hope is to raise the funds necessary to bring her vision to reality and accomplish the IVAC mission.

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International Victims Action Center (IVAC) is a non-profit organization serving Americans who live, work, travel or study abroad who experience sexual assault, sex trafficking, domestic violence, and/or child abduction. IVAC also helps iniduals who are foreigners married to a US citizen or Americans married to a foreigner while living in the US.

IVAC’s mission is to end the isolation, fear and hopelessness that victims abroad experience due to violence and abuse and provide the necessary support they need to heal and legally fight back.

IVAC helps victims by providing case management and either short or long term strategic planning based on the inidual’s specific needs, including emotional support, safety, and legality assessment. The organization addresses sexual assault cases with compassion, while providing practical help and guidance for timely reporting to the appropriate authorities. IVAC consults with various experts in the fields of psychology, cultural studies, law, and medicine. IVAC offers support to people in need and referral services to pertinent resources including attorneys, therapists, shelters, etc. IVAC will facilitate access to services both abroad and in the US, communicating on behalf of the victim and with other international agencies, local authorities, consulates, and the State Departments as needed.

IVAC advocates for implementable solutions in the US government and in host countries to provide protection for these victims and assurance of their human rights.

All donations will help mend and save lives and rescue families. Through financial support, IVAC can create lasting change for victims suffering abroad and work to ensure that they do not face this devastating experience alone or without the proper professional support. IVAC is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donations can be made at

For more information about IVAC, contact Nathalie Nevelle at 1-844-6HELP-US, or visit

Elite Beverage International and Media Contact:
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