International Actress, Singer and DJ, Plah Blah Blah, Releases New Song, Music Video, and Dance Remix!

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With its EDM vibe, “Broken Heart” shares a personal story about equality, ersity, and how good men are hard to find, as most are simply seeking a short term “pretty toy”. The song takes you on an up-tempo and addicting pleasure-ride, finding yourself reflecting on your own past breaks, and giving listeners a sense of healing and hope. The euphoric message, although personal, keeps you going and allows for you to dance your pain away! ” Equality to me is very important, whether you are gay, straight, short, tall, etc., I want my music to make people dance, make them feel good about themselves, and most importantly, I hope to spread love and happiness through my music.” – Plah Blah Blah.

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The video was directed by Steven Skyler, of Secret Sky Productions. Featured in the video is Whitney Houston’s famous glass piano, and actor Najee De-Teige, a former Blue Power Ranger. Broken Heart is available now on all streaming platforms, view the music video here:

Instagram – Plahblahblahofficial


Secret Sky Productions


SOURCE Secret Sky Productions

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