INFOGRAPHIC: What Colors Will America Wear this Spring/Summer Season?

“By taking the distinct color preferences across the nation into account, brands have an opportunity to tailor marketing and stock allocations to satisfy these unique regional tastes,” said Matt Field, president and co-founder at MakerSights. “We were surprised to find that despite differences in age, gender, region or trendiness, consumers agreed that Eclipse, Jester Red and Princess Blue are the clear color favorites for Spring/Summer 2019. Brands should feel confident in these three colors as they have mass appeal in the market and should sell well across many silhouettes around the country. It will be important to diversify silhouettes when offering these two colors to maximize the sales opportunity.”

The MakerSights Top Spring/Summer 2019 Colors Survey includes the following key findings:

  • Brands can feel confident with their inventory investment in this year’s top three colors—Eclipse, Jester Red and Princess Blue—as these were the top colors selected across age, gender and region. However, with 45 percent of consumers indicating an equal preference between Jester Red and Princess Blue, brands may see sales cannibalization among these two colors if offered in similar silhouettes.
  • While Pepper Stem is least likely to be worn by women in cities, Pink Lilac consistently ranks lowest with men, regardless of location.
  • Terrarium Moss will sell best in the Pacific Northwest, while Living Coral will be hot in the Southeast.
  • GenZ and Millennials continue to be more colorful than Gen X and Baby Boomers. Despite generational harmony with regard to the top colors of Eclipse and Princess Blue, Gen Z and Millennials show stronger preference for the total color spectrum compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers, who prefer more muted colors this Spring/Summer.
  • Despite Living Coral being crowned Pantone’s Color of the Year and a favorite among consumers in the Southeast, surprisingly the color ranked just #5 among consumers overall. Brands may need to continue shining a light on this color to bring it to life off the runway.

The survey of 1,000 consumers was conducted through the MakerSights platform. Built to inform decision-making across the product creation and go-to-market process, MakerSights supports all key stages—from early product concepting and line planning to regional allocation and channel sell-in. MakerSights provides focused and contextually relevant insights to a variety of retail teams and personas—from designers and product developers to merchandisers, planners and salespeople, as well as executives who are looking for a structured, scalable and trusted technology partner to build the skill set of data driven decision-making into their organizations. Expanding beyond collecting and analyzing just consumer data, MakerSights’ underlying AI engine incorporates a brand team’s internal perspective as well as historic selling performance to provide robust and relevant recommendations.

About MakerSights

MakerSights, pioneer of the product decision platform for retail, provides a trusted digital feedback loop between the market and the makers, bridging the gap between what brands think consumers want and what consumers value. Tightly aligned to the retail calendar, MakerSights’ AI-driven technology partners with product teams to support informed decision-making at every stage of the creation and go-to-market process, from ideation to line planning and sell-in. By capturing the combined wisdom of human instinct and machine learning, MakerSights accurately predicts which styles will be winners and losers, eliminating risk at all product development stages. The platform correlates feedback from existing and potential consumers with historical sales data and product professionals’ creative intuitions to serve up “smart,” stage-specific recommendations on how to take action. Teams can use MakerSights to rapidly validate entire assortments, product attributes, or what will appeal to target demographics – before time and money are committed. Up to 10X less costly and 20X more efficient than traditional focus groups, with MakerSights it’s fast and easy to collect input from consumers at scale to test product hypotheses, while its mobile-first user experience inspires authentic responses from consumers. On average, brands using MakerSights experience a 3-5% margin lift. Top apparel, footwear and accessories brands worldwide—including Levi’s, J.Crew, Madewell, Shinola, Taylor Stitch, HOKA ONE ONE and Allbirds—have de-risked billions of inventory investments by using MakerSights to measure consumer appeal for new concepts, to make sustainable choices and increase profitability of assortments across regions, channels and key accounts.

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