In Just 6 Months of Launch, a Korean Startup Company’s Platform Caught Global Designer’s Attention


SEOUL, South Korea, March 15, 2019 — In just six months after its launch, the world’s largest product design platform named SHAPL is attracting the attention of designers around the world.

The platform is created by the Korean startup and it’s being used in 119 countries.

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SHAPL launched its first service in June 2018, and is a platform of producing and selling products with the participation of consumers and designers. It is a service that produces selected designs reflecting consumers ‘LIKE’ clicks and sells them directly to consumers at highly affordable prices.

Currently, there are 3460 designers from 49 countries that have participated in the platform including Korea, the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Iran, and South Africa.

“Like other creators that earn money from created contents, we wanted to create a business structure that product designers would get profit from their own designs. Luckily most designers sympathize with our vision and it seems to have led to their amazing participation,” said Changsoo Jin, the CEO of SHAPL. He also mentioned about releasing the first product through SHAPL. “The new product will be launched in this year. This means a lot to the team because it’s our first one that made with the participation of designers and consumers. We will try to be the more attractive platform, and releasing well-designed product is definitely one way to do it.”

Currently, there is a design contest going on the SHAPL website ( It’s the final voting for designs that have participated in 49 countries. The total prize for the winner is $100,000 and a 30% discount coupon will be distributed to all voted people.


Fiaa Cho