Imaging industry expert joins 3D computer vision start-up AIRY3D


MONTREAL, March 12, 2019 – AIRY3D Inc., a Montreal-based 3D computer vision start-up, today announced that imaging industry veteran Paul K. Gallagher joined the Company as Vice-President of Strategic Marketing. Mr. Gallagher has over 30 years of industry experience, having held executive and product leadership roles at the top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of imaging sensors including Samsung Electronics Company, OmniVision Technologies, Micron Technology (Aptina/ON Semi), and ST Micro (VLSI Vision). Mr. Gallagher was most recently at LG Electronics in San Jose where he led the Company’s organic imager program. He is a renowned thought leader in the field, industry speaker and a reference source for market research studies.

“I’m thrilled, once again, to be at the forefront of a new chapter in the imaging industry. AIRY3D’s DepthIQTM platform has the potential to unlock numerous cutting edge industries with an affordable 3D computer vision solution,” said Paul Gallagher. “I am excited by the unrivaled simplicity of AIRY3D’s DepthIQTM solution.”

“We are honored that such a leading authority and serial intrapreneur is joining AIRY3D. His technical and strategic knowledge of the imaging industry and our target markets will be invaluable as we scale up our partnerships with leading sensor OEMs and end-customers,” said Dan Button, President and CEO of AIRY3D.

AIRY3D developed DepthIQTM, a simple drop-in solution that enables the use of 3D imaging for many burgeoning markets spanning mobile, automotive, robotics, smart homes, AR/VR and beyond. The simplicity of AIRY3D’s platform translates to dramatic savings in hardware, size and computational load. In turn, this enables faster, cheaper, smaller 3D solutions that facilitate numerous human and machine vision applications, including those enabled machine learning.

In July 2018, the Company raised US$10 million in an oversubscribed Series A funding round led by Intel Capital, including all Seed round investors CRCM Ventures, Nautilus Venture Partners, R7 Partners, Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC), and WI Harper Group along with several angel investors that are affiliates of TandemLaunch, the incubator that spun out AIRY3D. This financing is allowing AIRY3D to advance its licensing roadmap and work towards the first commercial adoptions of its DepthIQTM 3D sensor platform with the sampling of 3D sensor evaluation kits in 2019.


Founded in 2015 and a year later spun out of TandemLaunch, a Montreal-based incubator, AIRY3D delivers a 3D computer vision solution that is unrivaled in its simplicity. Coupling our Transmissive Diffractive Mask (“TDM”) designs with our DepthIQ™ software algorithms, we can convert any camera sensor into a single 3D camera that simultaneously generates both high quality 2D images and near field depth maps that are inherently correlated in space and time. This drop-in solution does not increase the footprint of the 2D sensor or module, and utilizes existing, standard manufacturing techniques. This simple DepthIQ™ solution enables dramatic savings for 3D sensing with respect to hardware and manufacturing costs, computational load and speed, machine learning, bandwidth demands and beyond. AIRY3D is now working with industry leaders to enable the next generation of applications spanning biometrics and anti-spoofing, space mapping (“SLAM”), navigation, and collision-avoidance, human gesture, interaction, presence, and orientation. These applications are highly sought after by numerous cutting edge markets such as mobile and consumer, automotive and drones, industrial, robotics and internet of things (“IoT”), augmented & virtual reality (“AR/VR”) and security. 

Twitter: @AIRY3D