HSA Administration Company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Provides Tips for Helping Clients Make Smarter Benefits Decisions


NEW YORK, March 15, 2019 — HSA administration company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, provides tips for helping clients make smarter benefits decisions.

Currently, the nation’s healthcare system is undergoing a transition to plans that are more consumer-driven. Employees who are highly focused on their careers will often feel overwhelmed by the available options, and experience stress about making the best-informed decision regarding their benefits. Employers should make it their mission to arm employees with an abundance of education and resources they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare. The following are tips to help clients make smarter decisions when it comes to their benefits.

Employers should spend some time researching the best health plan options for their employees. Conduct a survey to determine their wants and needs when it comes to benefits packages. Work with a benefits provider to design plans that everyone can use. It’s wise to offer a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) in conjunction with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

It is vital that employers start this process early via multiple methods of communication to get the word out. Use the proper mix of email, brochures/flyers, social media, intranet/internet, webinars, posters, mobile apps, and multi-media presentations to ensure that clients are armed with the best information available to make the best decision when it comes to their benefits offerings. Lead a lunch meeting to provide clients with a brief overview of offered benefits and guide them on how to make the proper decisions regarding their benefits. During this time, it is important not to rush this process. Having a benefits expert on hand to address questions and concerns can further streamline the decision-making process.

Employers should utilize an online portal for added convenience. Clients should have the ability to access this information 24/7 so they can discuss options with family members. This portal should be user-friendly and update benefit information automatically. This is especially important as the year progresses, so clients receive timely updates they can act upon. Make sure that this content is informative and engaging. Automated communication and decision support tools not only will ensure that the process runs smoothly, it will keep everyone on the same page. Employees that are better educated will make the best-informed decisions.

About Clarity Benefit Solutions: Clarity Benefit Solutions HSA Administration Company provides technology that makes the health insurance plan selection process fast, easy, and straightforward. For over two decades, we have provided clients with industry-leading technology, compliance, and exceptional customer service. Our offering is designed to save time and lower the costs of managing benefits while also promoting employee self-service and automated ACA compliance.

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