Horoscope.com Announces Re-Brand, Re-Design And Release Of Its Mobile App, Sun Signs, And Opt-In Subscription Service, Sun Signs Premium

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Horoscope.com, the most comprehensive collection of personalized Astrological, Tarot and Horoscope content online since 1999, officially released its newly re-designed and re-branded Sun Signs mobile app. The app, available via the App Store or Google Play, easily enables users’ access to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes based on their astrological sign, as well as the ability to dive deeper within specific horoscope topics including love, career, finances and health. New to the app is Sun Signs Premium, a monthly subscription for more in-depth personal information based solely on celestial activity and planetary movements and interactions. Sun Signs Premium is available for $9.99 per month.

An app subscription provides:

  • Free Birth Chart Report – A personal roadmap for each user based on the celestial alignment at the exact time and place of their birth
  • Detailed Monthly Horoscope – An in-depth monthly horoscope report identifies “Power Days” and highlights how each month’s aspects will affect relationships, career and more
  • Monthly Moon reading – A monthly report that outlines the impact of lunar activity, empowering subscribers with recommendations on how to harness the moon’s powerful energy
  • Ad-free User Experience – A seamless and uninterrupted app experience for self-examination

Horoscope.com operates under Horoscope.com Inc., an established and recently revitalized brand in the mystical services industry. Horoscope.com Inc.’s marquee sites, Horoscope.com and Astrology.com generated 38% revenue growth from 2017-2018 and together the sites boast 15M users and 190M pageviews monthly.

Strong revenue growth allowed the digital media publisher to re-invest substantially in product innovation, modernizing and expanding the app’s already robust content. All Sun Sign content is curated by an expert network of astrologers that Horoscope.com has collaborated with for years.

“Horoscope.com is a trusted resource in mystical services and we have been for two decades,” stated Josh Jaffe, GM of Horoscope.com Inc. “We were the first to recognize the exponential growth potential in the Millennial market. A thoughtful and thorough mobile app redesign with a subscription option was a clear starting point, but that wasn’t enough.”

Jaffe continued, “Our goal was to leverage our extensive industry experience – something VC-funded newcomers can’t compete with – and create a customized, immersive mobile option for those passionate about deep self-examination and exploration.”

The impetus behind the app redesign and premium in-app content offering was two-pronged, influenced by both internal and external factors:

  • Internally, the decision was based on user data and recurring premium content purchases via desktop. Most active users purchased multiple readings over the course of the year, prompting the decision to provide monthly, premium content accessible via mobile which expands the site’s already impressive reach.
  • Externally, interest in astrology, horoscopes and New Age spiritual practices is becoming more mainstream. An independent research study of 1,000 American adults 18+ conducted by Wakefield Research in December ’18 revealed:
    • 91% of Americans feel that some aspects of spirituality are more appealing than organized religion
    • 62% value spirituality over traditional religion within their daily lives
    • 66% of Americans have engaged in New Age or non-traditional practices
    • Top three spiritual habits / New Age practices that Americans engage in include reading horoscopes (42%), meditating (33%) and pulling tarot cards (16%)
    • Women report that spirituality is more important to their daily lives – 67% of American women compared to 57% of American men

Outside of its premium content, there are other improved features of the app available due to a complete overhaul of the frontend user experience and a modernized backend, completed in the summer of 2018. These include sun sign, love, career, money and health horoscopes, four types of Tarot readings, seven astrology and horoscope themed games, a 2019 yearly horoscope and a 2019 Chinese horoscope.

About Horoscope.com Inc.
Horoscope.com Inc. is based in San Francisco and is the Media division of Ingenio, a curated collection of online destinations where women find spiritual guidance on love, relationships, and life. Horoscope.com Inc. operates four lifestyle sites Astrology.com, Horoscope.com, Astrocenter.com and Horoscopo.com. Featured content includes personalized, positive messaging on zodiac signs, love compatibility, career, money and more.

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