Haier’s Smart Laundry Space Concept Sets New Trend In the Washing Machine Industry

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The new smart laundry space concept was developed around two household cleaning scenarios, the sunshine laundry room and smart closet. Within the innovative space, Haier converges many groundbreaking products and technologies such as the impeller washing machine with no external barrel, the Haier Crystal 3.0 generation drum washing machine and the Casarte Fusion delicate washing and fabric care machine, as well as smart mirrors, alongside automatic folding and ironing machines to integrate an all-around, enjoyable laundry and clothing care experience.

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Leading to a better laundry experience

In the past, Haier has been setting new trends in the washing machine industry and making technological developments and breakthroughs. At the conference, Haier demonstrated its leadership position once again with products that excel in smart technology and washing efficiency while promoting healthy laundry solutions.

Its latest Casarte Fusion delicate washing and fabric care machine bring a four-in-one solution of air-wash, water-wash, and 10kg and 7 kg heat pump drying, a first-of-its-kind product that can achieve the results of four machines.

Meanwhile, the 3.0 generation Haier Crystal drum washing machine has an extra-large laundry drum diameter of 601mm, offering the fastest 49-minute standard wash cycle in the market.

In the impeller washing machine sector, Haier continues to promote the “Healthy Wash” trend that realizes zero residue drainage and dust-free washing.

“Since the beginning, Haier’s washing machines have been designed, upgraded and innovated with a focus on customers’ needs. We create revolutionary products to lead the industry’s trends such as wash quietly and healthily. Our goal is to create a better laundry experience and lifestyle for global customers,” said Li Yang, Vice President and Washing Machine General Manager of Haier.

About Haier

Haier Home Appliance is the world’s No. 1 home appliance brand, with a 10.5% global market share. Its brands include Haier, Casarte, and Leader in China, GE Appliances in the US, Fisher & Paykel in New Zealand, and AQUA in Japan. Aiming to provide interconnected smart home experience for customers everywhere, Haier continuously enhances its products and services while making the transition to an open entrepreneurship platform. http://www.haier.net/en

SOURCE Haier Home Appliances

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