Hagen Group Expands Portfolio, Announces New Pet Products In Cats, Dogs, Aquatics And More At Global Pet Expo 2019

MANSFIELD, Mass., March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hagen Group, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet care products, today unveiled its portfolio of new items set to launch later this year. The company will expand upon its line of Catit cat products, aquariums from Fluval Aquatics, Exo Terra terrariums, and Dogit dog wellness and play items. The new collections were shown for the first time at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show (in Orlando, FL, March 20-22).

“Each year we expand our portfolio to best meet pets and pet parents’ needs,” said Jeff San Souci, director of marketing for Hagen Group. “We’re especially excited to launch our daily cat food and expand upon our offerings of cat treats.”

Product highlights include:


    • Gold Fern Cat Food: Gold Fern includes only the best ingredients for a diet that promotes cats’ optimal health. The air-dried cat food is complete, balanced and premium in taste. It’s available in three flavors. 
    • Catit Dinner: Catit Dinner is the perfect evening meal to replenish cats’ energy overnight. Catit Dinner is a dual-layered wet food containing proteins and vitamins, and complements cats’ daytime dry food intake. It’s available in 12 varieties.
    • More Food: Catit is also launching Nibbly Jerky, Wraps, and Grills treats, while also expanding upon its popular Catit Creamy treats. 
    • Flower Fountain LED: Cat owners’ favorite cat drinking fountain has new features such as an LED nightlight, a 3-liter water reservoir with a triple action filtration system, and six water pockets for drinking even when the fountain is turned off.


    • Flex: The new Fluval Flex 32.5 US Gallon (123 L) aquarium brings an exciting addition to Fluval’s bold curved aquarium series. The item comes equipped with a mobile-device-operated Aquasky LED that offers total control over brilliant custom colors, multiple dynamic effects, and a programmable 24-hour light timer. 
    • Flora: The new Fluval Flora aquarium plant kit includes everything needed to grow a thriving underwater garden – from brilliant 7500K LED lighting, to a pressurized CO2 kit, and an iron-enriched GRO+ micro-nutrient formula. Flora also comes with a multi-stage filter with adjustable flow control to accommodate hearty and delicate plants. 


    • Toys: There are new toys in town for pups of all ages and sizes.
      • Growlers: Tough characters and materials combine to deliver a unique toy that is strong enough to withstand the most enthusiastic puppy play, while being gentle to a dog’s mouth. Choose from six animal characters.
      • Zeus Mojo Brights: The Mojo Brights collection includes everything from cuddly animals to interactive discs and rope toys.
      • Zeus Mojo Naturals: The Mojo Naturals collection combines materials such as rope or tennis balls with crinkle material or squeakers for interactive fun.
      • Zeus Nosh: The Zeus Nosh chew toys were developed to help relieve boredom, stress, and frustration from teething, and to strengthen dogs’ jaws. The line offers flexible bones for teething and strong bones for more enthusiastic chewers. Available in three flavors.
      • Dogit Stuffies: This newest collection of Dogit Stuffies toys features quirky woodland, jungle, and barnyard characters that keep dogs active and engaged.
    • K9 Fitness Hydro: For the dogs who like to take a dip and cool down, the K9 Fitness Hydro water toys hone in on retrieval skills and encourage exercise.
    • Carriers
      • Voyaguer: The Voyaguer Carrier by Dogit is the ideal vehicle for keeping pets safe and secure while travelling. They are now available in four new, contemporary colors.
      • Explorer: Ideal for small dogs, the Explorer Carrier by Dogit is a great solution for pet parents on the go. The soft-sided pet carriers are available in four styles: 2-in-1, Backpack, Expandable, and Tote.

Exo Terra:

    • Natural Terrarium: The new Exo Terra Plaudarium is a semi-aquatic terrarium habitat that replicates a rainforest, swamp or stream and can harbor aquatic as well as terrestrial animal and plant species.

For more information about Hagen Group and its portfolio of brands visit Hagen.com. Hagen can be found on Twitter at @RolfC_Hagen_Inc. Catit can be found on Instagram at @CatitDesignproducts. On Facebook, Fluval Aquatics is at @Fluval and Exo Terra can be found at @ExoTerra.

About Rolf C. Hagen Inc.
Founded in 1955, Hagen Group is a family-owned, leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet care products, pet food and treats. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Hagen has sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. The company has a large portfolio of trusted, quality, leadership brands for all pets, including: Catit, Fluval Aquatics, Exo Terra, Dogit, Nutrience, Laguna, Living World, Tropican, Prime, Habitrail, Marina, Nutrafin and Zoe.

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