Global $4.7 Bn Alcohol Testing and Drug Testing Market, 2019-2025 – Markets are Poised to Achieve Significant Growth as Law Enforcement and Companies Test for Substance Abuse

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Consideration of Alcohol Testers and Drug Tester equipment Market Forecasts indicates that markets at $1.6 billion will reach $4.7 billion by 2025.

Growth comes as businesses and law enforcement agencies crack down on abuse of alcohol and drugs. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as law enforcement and companies test for substance abuse.

Alcohol abuse and drug abuse represent a significant danger to society. Most users are benign but the risk to society from drunk driving and workplace accidents demand that some controls be put in place. The reality is that drug and alcohol users kill people as they get behind a wheel and drive and as they let anger boil over into killing rage.

Not all users are killers surely, but there is a need for society to control abuse for the common good. These controls are likely to be put more in place going forward as the dangers are more commonly recognized and as the ability to detect users becomes more available at an affordable price.

Alternatives to bars are emerging. Sports clubs have sprung up all over, creating clubs where people can meet and interact without going to a bar. The fact that alternative socialization venues exist is making it easier to enforce laws against drinking and driving. Alcohol-related accidents kill someone every 31 minutes and injure someone every 2 minutes in the US.

Alcohol and drugs cause serious disruption to the workforce when present among employees. Breath and saliva contain markers that can be used to monitor alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and the health status of patients.

In the U.S. nearly half of road accidents are estimated to occur due to excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse. Similarly, the number of deaths soared by 26% in Britain due to drunk driving in 2012. Thus, alcohol enforcement remains a priority for governments across the globe. Governments of various countries are strictly enforcing safety laws and are heavily emphasizing on work safety issues. Moreover, they are compelling organizations, vehicle owners and others to install portable breath analyzers at their workplaces.

Law enforcement use of breathalyzers is helping decrease the number of accidents. For employers, alcohol abuse accounts for two-thirds of all substance abuse complaints and depletes a similar percentage from the health care benefit budgets of American companies.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Alcohol And Drug Testing Market Description and Market Dynamics

1.1 Impact of Alcohol

1.1.1. BAC

1.2 Breathalyzer

1.2.1 Breathalyzer Applications

1.3 DUI Offenses

1.3.1 Sports Fans Drunk at Games 8%

1.3.2 Personal Breathalyzer

1.3.3 Indicators To Spot Potential Drunk Drivers

1.4 Breathalyzer

1.4.1 Mis-Calibrated Equipment

1.4.2 Law Enforcement

1.4.3 Consumer Use

1.4.4 Breath Test Evidence

1.4.5 Hosting Parties, And Celebrating

1.5 Demand For More Effective Detection Of Alcohol Impairment

1.5.1 Traditional Alcohol Breath Analyzer Testing

1.5.2 Breath Alcohol Analysis

1.5.3 Alcohol Merges with Breath

1.5.4 Analyze An Alveolar Or Deep Lung Air

1.6 Alcohol Is A Drug

1.7 Laws Prohibit Driving With An Elevated BAC

1.8 Drunk Driving Statistics

1.8.1 When Alcohol-Impaired Crashes Occur

1.9 Breath to Test for Alcohol Concentrations in the Body

1.10 Heart Problems Linked to Heavy Drinking

1.10.1 Atrial Defibrillation

1.10.2 Health Insurers Denied Coverage

1.11 Synthetic Marijuana Testing

1.11.1 K2 and Spice Synthetic Compounds Chemical Structure

1.12 Spice Drug

1.13 US Military Drug Tests

1.13.1 Synthetic Marijuana Often Undetected by Drug Tests for People on role or Probation

1.13.2 Diagnostic Drug Testing Demonstrated ROI

1.14 Biomedical And Chemical Mid-IR SPR Based Sensor

1.14.1 Development Of Mid-Infrared Surface Plasmon

1.14.2 Sensors Utilizing Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

1.14.3 Drug Testing Kit Prices

1.15 Miniaturized Mid-Infrared Sensor Technologies Trends

1.16 Nanotechnology Is Significant

1.16.1 Mid IR Waveguides

1.16.2 Miniaturized IR Gas Sensors

2. Alcohol And Drug Testing Market Shares And Forecasts

2.1 Alcohol and Drug Testing Market Driving Forces

2.1.1 Alternatives to Bars

2.1.2 Alcohol and Drug Addicted People

2.2 Alcohol Testing Market Shares

2.2.1 Alcohol Testing Market Shares

2.3 Alcohol Testing Equipment Market Forecasts

2.3.1 Alcohol Substance Abuse Testing Breath Detection, Urine And Saliva Equipment

2.3.2 Alcohol Testing Market Forecasts, Law Enforcement, Workplace, Personal, and Clinical Market Segments

2.4 Drug Testing Equipment Market Shares

2.5 Drug Testing Equipment Market Forecasts

2.6 Alcohol and Drug Testing Equipment Market

2.7 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Market Segment Discussion

2.7.1 Workplace Monitoring Capability, Law Enforcement, And Consumer Monitoring

2.7.2 Alcohol Usage Problem in The Workplace

2.7.3 Drug Testing Markets in An Age of the Opioid Crisis

2.7.4 Alcohol Testing Market Description

2.7.5 Law Enforcement Alcohol Testing

2.7.6 4-1 Personal vs. Professional Law Enforcement Breathalizer Devices

2.7.7 Portable Breath Testers In Law Enforcement

2.7.8 Alcohol Testing Technology In The Workplace

2.8 Breathalyzer Prices

2.8.1 Portable Breath Testers Utilize Fuel Cell Technology

2.8.2 Drger Alcotest 9510

2.8.3 AK Solutions Fuel Cell and Other Breathalizer Prices

2.8.4 AK Solutions AlcoScan AL2500 Prices

2.8.5 Personal Breathalyzer Keychains

2.8.6 Personal Breathalyzer

2.8.7 Home Breathalyser Prices:

2.9 Alcohol Breathalyzer and Drug Testing Regional Analysis

2.9.1 U.S.

2.9.2 Germany

2.9.3 U.K.

3. Alcohol and Drug Testing

3.1 Fundamental Principle Of Breath Analysis

3.1.1 Relationship Between The Blood And Breath Alcohol Concentrations In Equilibrium

3.1.2 Testing for Alcohol: Fuel Cell Sensor Breath Analysis

3.1.3 Testing for Alcohol: Infrared Analysis

3.1.4 Draeger Machine Measures The Temperature Of The Subject’s Breath And Then Adjusts The Results

3.1.5 Forensic Breath-Alcohol Testing Quality Assurance

3.2 Bio Sensors Detection

3.2.1 Sensors Utilizing Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

3.2.2 Clinical Niche for Breath Tests

3.2.3 Heart Problems Linked to Heavy Drinking

3.2.4 Atrial Defibrillation

3.2.5 Health Insurers Denied Coverage

3.3 Fuel Cell Technology vs. Semiconductor Technology

3.4 Proposed DWI Changes

3.5 DUI Offenses

3.5.1 Sports Fans Drunk at Games 8%

3.5.2 Personal Breathalyzer

3.5.3 Indicators To Spot Potential Drunk Drivers

3.5.4 Breathalyzer Applications

3.5.5 Keychain Breathalyzer

3.5.6 BAC

3.5.7 Mis-calibrated Equipment

3.5.8 Drunk Driving Law Enforcement

3.5.9 Breath Alcohol Analyzers Consumer Use
3.5.10 Breath Test Evidence
3.5.11 Hosting Parties, And Celebrating
3.5.12 Demand For More Effective Detection Of Alcohol Impairment
3.5.13 Traditional Alcohol Breath Analyzer Testing
3.5.14 Breath Alcohol Analysis
3.5.15 Alcohol Merges with Breath
3.5.16 Analyze An Alveolar Or Deep Lung Air
3.5.17 Alcohol Is A Drug
3.5.18 Laws Prohibit Driving With An Elevated BAC

3.6 Spice Drug Testing

3.6.1 Spice Drug Information

3.7 Breath Sampling Challenges

3.7.1 Testing Breath

3.8 Science Behind Breath Alcohol Analyzers

3.8.1 Non-Specific Analysis

3.8.2 Interfering Compounds

4. Breathalyzer Product Examples

4.1 Breathalyzers

4.1.1 Drger SSK 5000

4.1.2 Drger Alcotest Tubes

4.2 Draeger Breathalyzer

4.3 MPD

5. Breath Analyzer, Saliva Testers, Bio-Sensor Technology And International Regulations

5.1 European Convention on Human Rights

5.1.1 Chez Republic

5.1.2 Denmark

5.1.3 Germany

5.1.4 Estonia

5.1.5 Greece

5.1.6 Spain

5.1.7 France

5.1.8 Ireland

5.1.9 Italy
5.1.10 Cyprus
5.1.11 Latvia
5.1.12 Lithuania
5.1.13 Luxembourg
5.1.14 Hungary
5.1.15 Netherlands
5.1.16 Austria
5.1.17 Portugal
5.1.18 Slovenia
5.1.19 Slovakia
5.1.20 Finland
5.1.21 Sweden
5.1.22 Norway
5.1.23 European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)

5.2 China

5.3 US Drug Regulations

5.3.1 Types of Drug Testing in California

5.3.2 US Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Testing of Job Applicants

5.3.3 US Drug Testing of Current Employees

5.4 US 2014 Drunk Driving Standards

5.4.1 When Alcohol-Impaired Crashes Occur

5.4.2 Breath to Test for Alcohol Concentrations in the Body

5.5 Employers Need Clear Policies That Articulate A Drug Testing Policy

5.6 Draeger Criminal Justice Through Installing An Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

5.7 US Drug Testing Laws by State

5.8 Worldwide Drunk Driver Penalties

5.8.1 Breathalyzer Regulations

6. Breath Analyzer Company Profiles

6.1 Abbott Laboratories

6.1.1 Abbott Acquires Alere

6.1.2 Abbott Laboratories PRISMnEXT

6.1.3 Abbott ARCHITECT c16000

6.2 Alcolizer

6.2.1 Alcolizer Research, Design & Development

6.2.2 Alcolizer Acquisition of OxTo

6.2.3 Alcolizer Manufacturing & Service

6.2.4 Alcolizer’s Products Use Police Grade Fuel Cell Technology

6.2.5 Alcolizer Industry Drug Testing Programs, Druglizer, Saliva-Based Testing

6.2.6 Alcolizer Technology Research & Development

6.2.7 Alcolizer Regional Presence

6.3 Alcohol Countermeasure Systems ACS

6.3.1 ACS Securetec Detections-Systeme AG Alcolock

6.3.2 ACS Alcolock Regional Presence

6.3.3 Alcolock Commercial Alcohol Interlock Programs

6.3.4 ACS Quality Standards

6.4 AK Solutions

6.4.1 AlcoMate Consumer-Level Products

6.4.2 AK Solutions AlcoMate Prestige

6.4.3 AK Solutions/AlcoScan

6.4.4 AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

6.4.5 AlcoMate Premium AL7000 Breathalyzer

6.4.6 AlcoScan AL2500

6.4.7 AK Solutions Fuel Cell

6.4.8 AlcoScan AL3500 Fuel-Cell Breathalyzers For Commercial Consumers, Vending-Style Money-Acceptor Functionality

6.4.9 AK Solutions Portable Breathalizers
6.4.10 AK Solutions Target Markets
6.4.11 AK Solutions Revenue

6.5 Akers Biosciences

6.6 Alcovisor

6.7 Alere

6.8 Applied Nanodetectors

6.8.1 Applied Nanodetectors Business Strategy

6.9 BACtrack

6.10 Bio-Rad Laboratories

6.11 CLIAWaived

6.12 DOT Breathalyzers

6.13 Drgerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

6.13.1 Draeger Revenue

6.13.2 Drger Interlock 7000

6.13.3 Drgerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Revenue

6.13.4 Draeger Preventing Alcohol And Drug-Related Accidents

6.13.5 Draeger Safety Diagnostics

6.14 EBI

6.15 Express Diagnostic

6.15.1 Personnel Expertise

6.16 Intoximeters

6.16.1 Intoximeters Revenue

6.17 KHN Solutions LLC Backtrack Breathalyzers

6.18 Lab Corp

6.19 Ladybug Teknologies

6.20 Lifeloc Technologies

6.20.1 Lifeloc Breathalyzers

6.20.2 Lifeloc Revenue

6.20.3 Lifeloc Target Markets

6.20.4 Lifeloc Installed Base of Breathalyzers

6.21 MPD/Lion

6.21.1 MPD/CMI

6.21.2 MPD/CMI

6.21.3 MPD/Lion Laboratories

6.21.4 MPD/CMI

6.21.5 MPD/CMI Alcohol Detection In Workplace

6.22 Narcocheck

6.22.1 NarcoCheck Positioning

6.23 Psychemedic Corporation

6.23.1 Psychemedics FDA Clearance

6.23.2 Psychemedics Revenue

6.24 OmegaPoint Systems

6.25 Quest Diagnostics

6.25.1 Quest Diagnostics Diagnostic Testing Services

6.25.2 Quest Diagnostics Revenue

6.26 Randox Laboratories

6.27 Rapid Detect Inc.

6.28 Rapid Exams

6.29 Roche Diagnostics

6.30 Sonic Healthcare

6.31 TestCountry

6.31.1 TestCountry Price Match

6.32 Testing Solutions


6.33 Thermo Fisher Scientific

6.33.1 Thermo Fisher Scientific Drugs of Abuse Testing Overview

6.33.2 Thermo Fisher Scientific Drugs of Abuse Testing Urine Testing

6.33.3 Thermo Fisher Scientific Oral Fluid and Other Testing

6.34 Tokyoflash

6.35 TruTouch

6.36 uVera Diagnostics

6.37 Selected Breathalyzer and Drug Testing Companies

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