Ginger Consulting National Survey Results: What Women Want 2019


MINNEAPOLIS, March 12, 2019 — Does anyone actually know what women want? Today, Ginger Consulting releases new information on how the Year of the Woman and female voices will impact the consumer economy. From discretionary spending to career, the 2019 What Women Want survey is an inside look at the future.

Household CEOs say they’re spending less, on hold for a possible economic downturn. “While 66% of women tell us they’re better off, they’re becoming permanently prudent about their money,” said Beth Perro-Jarvis, co-founder of Ginger. A few years ago, 78% were planning a splurge or two (e.g. new furniture). In 2019, that number dove to 40%. 

When it comes to career, women want flexibility and autonomy: 40% want passion projects and part-time work, and 14% say they’re pursuing entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, only 3% each want to be full time moms or homemakers, or would choose volunteering over salaried work.

So what is on her economic agenda? 2019 spending is more thoughtful. She’s saying yes to charitable giving (70%) and organic foods (57%), and no to style subscriptions and medi-spa services. “Women hit the pause button on spending recently, but they are generally willing to stretch for more substantive luxuries,” said Ginger co-founder Mary Van Note.

As U.S. women manage the stress of daily life, they’re coping in surprising ways. Home organizing is a top de-stressor, and decluttering is her most satisfying home-related activity (seasonal decorating was least satisfying). Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day may not spark joy, but tossing things will. 

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Since 2003, Ginger Consulting has been developing razor-sharp insights and strategies to combat the most vexing marketing problems. Owners are Beth Perro-Jarvis and Mary Van Note.

Ginger’s Alpha PanelTM is a proprietary panel of 350 women nationwide; ahead-of-the-curve, self-described “alpha” women that have their fingers on the pulse. They participate in the What Women Want digital survey that covers topics from spending to social and lifestyle trends.

Beth Perro-Jarvis

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