Fund Duel™ – The Social Media Fundraising Platform In Partnership with the Jr. National Association of the Deaf ‘Ten Deaf Schools Compete to Raise Money through Fun Sign Language Music Video Challenge’


The campaign will be further amplified by influencers and incredible deaf community advocates and ambassadors, that significantly impact the deaf community including Comedian CJ Jones, America’s Got Talent Singer and Songwriter contestant Mandy Harvey and ASL Music Interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego. Others have been invited to join and anyone is welcome to jump on the social media campaign and further share and spread the word to their social networks.

“I’m honored to be an ambassador for Fund Duel and this campaign.  Joining forces to raise money for deaf schools is amazing. I’m so impressed to see the talent and creativity that went into the ten schools’ videos.  These students need to know that they can do anything they set their minds to and this campaign helps them realize this,” said CJ Jones – Comedian and Ambassador.

“DSD and Jr. NAD is excited to be working with Fund Duel as it’s the ideal platform to drive this fundraising campaign. So, why a music competition?  What better way to show each other and the world what we can do?  The Deaf Community is proud and we all deserve our 15 minutes of fame!  Our students are amazing, creative, smart, funny, and extremely talented. Our goal is to watch them thrive,” said Francine Patalano, HS Science Teacher at Delaware School for the Deaf. “By being a part of Fund Duel, we have been able to achieve just that, by coming together as one community, and to receive the supports from our schools, the community, and for all of those to see, to help continue our growth!”

The campaign runs February 18th – April 5th, 2019. The ten schools participating are: Delaware School for the Deaf, Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf, Rochester School for the Deaf, Ohio School for the Deaf, Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, Maryland School for the Deaf, Western PA School for the Deaf and Public School 47.

“We’re so pleased that Fund Duel can help DSD and Jr. NAD with this campaign. This is what Fund Duel is all about – raising awareness and funds for a great cause and putting the creativity and action in the hands of the students. The power of social media and our fabulous ambassadors further amplifies this message with social media.  The students love it, the faculty love it, and the fans and friends watching these videos are so touched by their ambition and creativity,” remarked Linda Hansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Fund Duel.

About The Delaware School for the Deaf
The Delaware School for the Deaf is both unique and united.  They are unique because they are the only School for the Deaf in Delaware that provides all of their Deaf and Hard of Hearing students complete access to learn through both American Sign Language (ASL) and English.  They are unique because their Deaf Community is small and rely on each other for support and advocacy.

However, in the Deaf World, they are united.  They know their own, and they know others on a national level.  They compete both athletically and academically with Deaf and Hard of Hearing peers across America! They join summer camps together to build both knowledge and friendships. They are part of the Jr. National Association for the Deaf (Jr. NAD), an organization that teaches their students about leadership and advocacy.  A portion of all of the winnings from this Fund Duel campaign will go towards the Jr. NAD to support their National Conference in the Fall, 2019. “We are all unique, yet we are united.”

About the National Association of the Deaf
The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is the nation’s premier civil rights organization of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing iniduals in the United States of America. Established in 1880, the NAD was shaped by deaf leaders who believed in the right of the American deaf community to use sign language, to congregate on issues important to them, and to have its interests represented at the national level. These beliefs remain true to this day, with American Sign Language as a core value. The advocacy scope of the NAD is broad, covering a lifetime and impacting future generations in the areas of early intervention, education, employment, health care, technology, telecommunications, youth leadership, and more – improving the lives of millions of deaf and hard of hearing Americans. The NAD also carries out its federal advocacy work through coalition efforts with specialized national deaf and hard of hearing organizations, as well as coalitions representing national cross-disability organizations. The NAD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by the generosity of inidual and organizational donors, including corporations and foundations. For more information about Jr. NAD, visit

About Fund Duel
Founded by female entrepreneurs and business women Dr. Linda Hansen and her daughter Jasmine Toomalatai, Fund Duel is an end-to-end platform solution that puts the FUN back in fundraising through a most innovative, gamified online dashboard. Participants are encouraged to post their own challenge video or image for the campaign they are supporting. Fund Duel streamlines campaigns in a dueling/contest and prize-winning environment, allowing the spirit of gamification and social media to generate huge awareness, raise funds and achieve success to any charity no matter what the point of entry. Companies and iniduals can compete to raise funds for one charity or challenge each other to raise funds for different charities.  Competition and the opportunity to win prizes from gift cards, sponsored product, celebrity meet & greets to the yearly jackpot of $62,000, which will continue to increase. This model has proven to drive social media sharing and increase donations. An estimated $410 billion was given to charitable causes in 2017, most of which were online contributions. Online donations are growing twice as fast as offline; that is where Fund Duel’s innovative platform capitalizes on this exponential growth.

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