FORESTING currency PTON token focuses on real utilization

However, PTON token is already known as an offline payment method. Decentre, blockchain café located in Gangnam, Seoul, uses “CoinPresso”, coin payment system, which allows the purchase of beverages or coffee with PTON token. Anyone, who holds PTON tokens, can easily pay for any coffee or beverage using Foresting Wallet, Bitberry wallet, or cold wallet, Ledger.

One of the ways to earn PTON tokens is FORESTING, reward-based lifestyle social media platform. In the meantime, existing social media has gained tremendous advertising revenue using the traffic of millions of users. Recently, there has been a growing interest in independent media centering on the Insta influencers. Unfortunately, only a small part of it is profitable. After all, there is still an irrational allocation of revenue between content creators and service providers. Unlike traditional SNS platforms, FORESTING content creators are being rewarded by other users. On FORESTING users can BEAT (like) others’ content in addition to posting content to the platform and getting rewards in PTC, PTON Credit, which can easily be exchanged for PTON. Besides, BEAT is apportioned between the user and content creator.

One more FORESTING feature is SHOOTING. It is created to support content creators and refers to the act of donating PTC to another user. In comparison with BEAT, 1 BEAT is automatically provided for each user every 2 hours. Through these activities, content creators can focus on creating valuable content through donations without ad revenue.

All mentioned above usages of PTON token create a strong token ecosystem, that can achieve economic alignment amongst network participants, confidently secure itself against attack vectors and demonstrate a high degree of decentralization and token utilization (rather than speculative trading).

SOURCE Foresting HQ

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