Five Tips for Asheville Homeowners to Prevent Home Flooding Disasters


In honor of flood safety month and to further help Asheville residents prepare, the Four Seasons Plumbing team offers the following five tips to prevent damage to the home and belongings:

1.  Find and tag your valves – It’s important to be able to locate and turn off a main water or gas valve quickly in case of emergency. Most professionally licensed plumbers can find and tag these for you.

2.  Look for signs of a problem – Pay attention to possible signs of a leak, including an increase in your water bill, loud pipes, rust stains, moisture on the walls or floor, or wet soil at the foundation. Also, search for weaknesses in supply and drain lines around toilets, water heaters and washing machines.

3.  Inspect and maintain your pipes – Most home flooding damage is caused by corroded, rusty or frozen pipes. Have your pipes inspected annually to check for problems and proper insulation.

4.  Protect drain lines – Plant trees away from drain lines so roots won’t damage pipes. If you live downhill or below street level, you may need a plumber to install a backflow prevention assembly to prevent sewer drainage from backing up. Also, never pour grease down the drain.

5.  Tackle problems quickly and professionally – If you suspect a leak or other plumbing issue, don’t procrastinate repairs or have someone who isn’t qualified attempt the project. A minor inconvenience can become a major problem if it isn’t handled quickly and effectively. You risk more significant damage to floors or ceilings, as well as possible mold contamination.

“Not only can flood damage be expensive, it can also cause the loss of valuable and irreplaceable belongings such as family mementos,” Rose said. “We urge homeowners to be proactive about preventing flooding disasters and recommend they enlist the aid of a professional for issues they are unable to tackle.”

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