Fintech Europe Selects Nine Startups for its Third Batch


FRANKFURT, Germany, March 19, 2019 — Fintech Europe, Plug and Play’s fintech-focused innovation platform based out of Frankfurt, Germany, announced today the nine startups selected for its third batch. The platform has grown its partner base to nine Financial Institutions in the last 10 months, with Deutsche Bank, TechQuartier, BNP Paribas, Nets Group, Aareal Bank, Abanca, Danske Bank, DZ Bank, and Elo. It runs a 12-week accelerator twice a year with startups chosen both locally and globally.

After screening over 214 applicants, the final selection of nine startups have been accepted into Fintech Europe, which aims to facilitate pilots, POCs, and business development opportunities for the participating startups and financial institutions. 

“We are very excited with this new class of companies that are bringing a new atmosphere to the corporate ecosystem. They will get connected with Financial Institutions from all over the Euro-Zone and beyond,” says Fernando Zornig, Program Director of Plug and Play’s Fintech Europe program. “This batch has a strong focus on AI and Machine Learning, with startups in their seed stage all the way to Series C.”

Throughout the duration of the program, startups will be introduced to Plug and Play’s corporate partners and have the chance to work with their different business units to evaluate pilot projects and investment opportunities with these companies. There is no cost for the startups to be in the program and they will remain part of the ecosystem even after graduation.

The nine companies are as follows:

Bankify makes mobile banking apps more Social and FUN!

Digital Shadows 
Digital Shadows monitors, manages and remediates digital risk across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep, and dark web to protect an organization’s business, brand, and reputation.

We supercharge customer service through the integration of artificial intelligence.

Fino Digital 
Fino’s core competence is the analysis and interpretation of data that is within a bank account of a consumer or a business. Our machine-learning algorithms identify and extract e.g. a user’s contracts, purchased products, credit-worthiness, current life phase from the bank account.

Labest is connecting the digital world of inventory with realtime market price validation to use inventory as collateral to finance.

Nordigen is a global account data analytics provider that helps to identify and approve more of the creditworthy customers.

Precire is the most advanced psychological AI for the analysis of any kind of communication – Psychology as a Service.

A receipt management solution built for mobile banking apps.

Spin Analytics 
Spin Analytics brings digital transformation in Credit Risk Management by leveraging predictive analytics, AI, and ML techniques on Big Data.

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