Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Has Officially Announced His Candidacy for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States

The following is an official statement from Ami Horowitz regarding his official presidential candidacy:

The United States is facing a crossroad that goes in startlingly different directions. We are a country with deep ideological differences and both sides of the aisle are trying to frame their choices as binary.

They are not.

I believe in country over party.

I have decided to run for the Democratic Nomination because of the ideological radicalization of the party that has occurred in recent years. These extreme views are marginalizing the party from the majority of the country’s population and many of the current nominees hold views that are in direct conflict with the perspective of the vast majority of the country.

I am an unabashed capitalist who believes that capitalism has done more to create wealth and has lifted more people out of poverty than any system ever devised by man.

I am a supporter of a woman’s right to choose within the boundaries of Roe v. Wade.

I believe that restrictions on gun ownership are vital, but am an ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment.

I believe that legal immigration is the backbone of America’s foundation, but want to shut down the border to illegal immigration.

I believe that every American should have healthcare while preserving the free market system that has allowed the United States to have the most innovative and unsurpassed medical care in the world.

I believe that the beauty and success of this country is the allowance of individual freedom to dictate the direction that one takes.

I believe that the United States is exceptional, but what makes us exceptional needs to be fought for every single day.

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