Exclusive Condo-Hotel Captiva by Cana Rock launches its Founders’ Club

The twenty-five positions available for purchase will be available for occupancy by local and international investors seeking unique advantages as owners. It has 150 two- and three-bedroom apartments, and a central interior space that will offer services and amenities such as the only luxury concierge in the Caribbean. “The concierge will provide services of any kind 24/7, to give that experience of exclusiveness that this project is aiming for,” explains Ankrom Group President, Steven Ankrom.

Members of the Founders’ Club will have facilities in purchasing this property that is conceived to offer a style of life both delightful and secure, as well as special offerings in the way of events, and unlimited access to exclusive parties, among other things. “The investor will be part of an Income Management Program for which there is a guaranteed return,” says Javier Hermana, President of Cana Rock.

The investment in Captiva is backed up by the security of acquiring a real estate asset intended for the real economy. “Condo hotels don’t depend on exchange rate fluctuations or the whims of financial markets, so they offer stability and security when it comes to investing,” Hermana notes.  

About Captiva

Deep in the very heart of Cana Bay, Punta Cana, with views of the lake and the 9th Hole, is the project that is going to have first-class finishings, and an architectural design expressing contemporary luxury and close attention to detail. Its sales center is available, and is projecting 24 months for delivery. http://captivapuntacana.com/

About Ankrom Group

A leading business consultant with global reach and headquarters in the Dominican Republic. It offers services with an integrated vision to generate sales and specialized focus on tourism, real estate and financial segments.  

About Cana Rock

Developers of tourist apartments, located at Hard Rock Golf Course in Cana Bay, which benefits from Law 158-01 (CONFOTUR). Its projects are sold or rented keyed to the condo-hotel concept.

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SOURCE Ankrom Group