EVERY DROP COUNTS: Maria Canale Pledges to Change Lives with Safe Water

Maria grew up spending summers at the ocean and from an early age and has been inspired by the transformative power of clear blue, clean water throughout her life.  This is evident in two of her iconic collections:  Drop and Wave.

Drop … the brilliant blues of sparkling, pure water echo the perfect singular element of water in the deepest blue pear-shaped sapphires.  Interpreted in striking singular hoops, a necklace with delicate dangling drops, and bangles that can be effortlessly stacked.  Casually elegant or a singular sensation, depending on how it is styled, the wearability of this collection is signature Maria Canale.

Wave … Into the blue, blue and more blue!  Perfect for the lover of blue, Maria has interpreted must-have styles into a collection that will be coveted by a new generation of jewelry lovers.  The collection takes its inspiration from the ebbing and flowing of shades of blue and white.  Each piece, whether worn alone or layered with others, creates a statement that is confident, elegant and offers a glimpse of the wearer’s style.

In addition, Maria created a special statement piece exclusive to this initiative to support Water.org.  She acquired two rare pear-shape diamonds in the colors of water and sun– a blue-green and a fancy intense yellow, and created a special design to highlight the beauty and rarity of these unique stones and the transformative, life sustaining power of water, resulting in a pair of 18K white gold earrings with a cascade of diamonds falling from the blue and yellow diamonds. 

These exquisite earrings speak to Maria’s love of the ocean and the calming properties the rolling waves bring and will retail for $550,000.  10% of the sale of the earrings will be donated to Water.org at the time of sale.  They will be shown at Maria Canale Jewelry events at several retail locations across the country such as Saks, Neiman Marcus and Mitchells stores, as well as specialty boutiques like Tiny Jewel Box in Washington DC and Hyde Park Jewelers in Denver and Newport Beach.

“Pure, clean water is the most basic of elements of life, and needs to be available to every human on the planet.  I commend Water.org for undertaking the lofty goal of seeing this become reality,” said Maria Canale.  “I’m honored to be supporting their important work this year.  These collections are representative of who I am and how I live my life, and with this campaign will come full circle and allow me to give back in this meaningful way,” says Maria Canale.

About Maria Canale
Maria Canale has interpreted what women want to wear since she put pen to paper on her way to becoming the best kept secret in jewelry design, and she is now ready to shine under her own name. She has a keen eye for what her customers want, and what thrills her the most is when she is stopped on the streets by women of all ages who say, “I want the jewelry you are wearing.” Maria Canale’s collection is available at fine department and specialty jewelry stores, and mariacanale.com. Prices start at $1,000.

About Water.org
Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, Water.org pioneers market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis. For more than 25 years, they’ve been providing families with hope, health and bright futures.

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